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Post: Abu Dhabi Bow and Arrow adopts strategic plan to support talent


Abu Dhabi (WAM)
Mubarak Al Hammadi, board member of the Abu Dhabi Archery Club, confirmed the increase in the number of practitioners of the game in Abu Dhabi due to the availability of best practice facilities for different age groups. , to fulfill its aspirations of supporting national teams with talented and outstanding elements.
He explained that the club has a well-thought-out strategic plan to promote and develop the game and encourage everyone to practice with various programs aimed at increasing income levels, raising awareness and developing skills.
He added: “We are committed to establishing an integrated system that will achieve the goals for which the club was created and we thank the Abu Dhabi Sports Council for its vision which envisions the future of this game and provides every reason for success and success. . The difference, to achieve the presence of elements that can achieve a strong addition, and we felt a great feedback and interaction from different groups, and their willingness to develop their skills and strengthen their skills by joining the club.
Al-Hammadi praised the great cooperation and joint visions with the Archery Federation, which help to reach the best standards to achieve the desired goals and support the national teams. He said, “Our doors are open to all interested parties and we want to be in every tournament organized by the gaming association and we recently participated in the third and fourth round of the UAE Archery League and came out with a good collection. of different medals. .as it reached 10 medals, including 8 in the fourth stage, and we expect everything to strengthen our positive role and raise the technical level of the players.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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