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Post: “Women of Abu Dhabi” welcome Pakistan in a friendly way


Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

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Abu Dhabi Sports Club will host the Pakistan women’s national football team at the Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium today as part of their preparations for the Zayed Ramadan Tournament.
The Abu Dhabi Women’s Sports Club coach, Sarah Hassanein, confirmed that the friendly is an important experience for the team, mainly because the Pakistani team recently won the international runner-up in Saudi Arabia.
Hassanein praised player Rawan Abdullah Al Hamad for winning the best citizen award at the end of the football season as the culmination of her efforts that helped her win the title of the women’s top division competition.
He said, “Rauwan Abdullah Al Hammadi is a graduate of the Abu Dhabi Sports Club academy, she is one of the best talents in UAE women’s football and her efforts to win the league title undefeated are a testament to her high artistic value.”
She explained that her colleague Eugenia Titi, who received the best foreign player award in the Ghana Women’s Football League football competition, contributed a lot to the development of the team’s capacity and the development of UAE women’s football, as many players were affected. with their technical capabilities.

Source: Al Ittihad

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