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Post: Assaubayeva advised Abdumalik to “cook borscht” instead of chess


Disrupting the start of the Grand Prix, Abdumalik’s opponent advised him to “cook borscht” instead of chess.

MOSCOW, March 26 – RIA Novosti. Kazakh chess player Bibisara Assaubayeva, who refused to participate in the third stage of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Grand Prix, advised her compatriot Zhansaya Abdumalik to marry and start cooking instead of playing chess.

The stage in New Delhi was supposed to start on Saturday but was moved to Sunday. In the first round, Assaubayeva was supposed to meet with Abdumalik, but the second refused to participate, jeopardizing the stage due to problems with the organization of the tournament. Upon arrival in India, they had to take a taxi to the hotel, where rooms were not ready, as the chess players were not provided with a transfer from the airport.

“There are things that are inexcusable for any professional, whoever he is and whoever he thinks he is. Zhansaya and eleven other chess players, myself included, were in Delhi yesterday, we have an important tournament there – the Grand Prix. nothing, but suddenly out of the tournament. He decided to leave – allegedly because the organizers had met him inappropriately. He did this in a very strange, if not stupid, way: an hour before the opening he told a colleague on the phone that he had flown off and was at the airport, and then arrogantly in an emergency meeting when we decided what we should do now I calmly walked around the hotel with a grin,” he wrote on Instagram (the activities of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) are banned in Russia as an extremist).

“Zhansaya flew with a man who accompanied her everywhere. Many of them were alone – and they came to the hotel without anything, hysteria and snot. At the same time, some chess players refused to participate in other championships, especially for this Grand Prix. Due to momentary hysteria, which is currently sweetened with lies The tournament is at stake. A place of feelings of place for his attitude towards colleagues, life in general, professionalism in particular. Athletes should be ready for any force majeure and hardship and should not whine and give up if something goes wrong. Like Zhansaya, every little thing if he reacts, then sports better to leave, get married and cook borscht. Besides, as we see, there is someone for him,” Asaubayeva added.

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