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Post: Kiryakov expected the Russian team a greater victory over Iraq.


Kiryakov, the former striker of the Russian national team, was waiting for a greater victory over Iraq.

MOSCOW, March 26 – RIA Novosti, Svetlana Bonopartova. Former striker of the Russian national team, Sergei Kiryakov, told RIA Novosti that he expects more goals from Russian football players against the Iraqi national team.

On Sunday, the Russian national team, St. In the friendly match played in St. Petersburg, they beat the Iraqi team 2-0. Anton Miranchuk (50th minute) and Sergey Pinyaev (58th minute) scored the goals.

“It was two different halves. We made a lot of mistakes in the first half, we didn’t play aggressively at the front, yes, we created a few situations, although we can’t say there were a hundred.” And we made a lot of mistakes from behind: the two defenders allowed the forwards of the Iraqi national team to get away almost one-on-one. In such situations, they should play more comfortably. They didn’t insure each other, which was a big problem. .(Sergey) Pesyakov did not give us confidence. A higher level team would immediately punish such mistakes. Of course, the excitement and sediment in front of the audience could have played out from the previous match not being completely successful. Of course, this left its mark on the actions of the actors, but in any case they have to cope with such excitement, ”said Kiryakov.
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26 March 2023 • Starts at 18:05

2 : 0

“It seems that during the timeout there was a serious conversation and in the second half the players were already more disciplined, they were clearly on the defensive and good combinations were ahead, they played well with the ball, plus Pinyaev’s individual moves, the necessary chances If there were bigger wins in the match, but two goals were enough, the important thing was the victory. The important thing today is that after a long break, “we finally won, but we definitely need to add, you can’t play like this,” said the former football player.

In the fourth minute, which made up the second half, Daler Kuzyaev was shown a red card. For him, this suspension was his first appearance for the national team, where he played 46 matches.

“There was provocation. If there had been VAR, the referee would have sent them both off. It was clear that the Iraqi player hit Kuzyaev first, then fell spectacularly with a light touch. But there was nothing in the middle.” There is something wrong with that, the main thing is that there is no big fight between the players and everyone calms down soon.”
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