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Post: Karpin called the Russian team’s problem in the first half against Iraq


Karpin said that at the beginning of the match against Iraq, Russia’s players went out of the defense incorrectly.

st. Petersburg, March 26 – RIA Novosti. Valery Karpin, the coach of the Russian national team, said that in the first half of the friendly match played with the Iraqi team, the players of the Russian national team played incorrectly while leaving the defense.

On Sunday, St. Petersburg beat the Iraqi team with a score of 2:0. Both goals were scored in the second half by Anton Miranchuk and Sergey Pinyaev.

“Today I am more satisfied with the second half. In the first half (I would have been happy) if they had played correctly from the defense out. They said let’s play forward at halftime, let’s not roll the ball.” “The goalkeeper at every opportunity. Maybe because of this, the second time turned out to be different,” Karpin said at a press conference.
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26 March 2023 • Starts at 18:05

2 : 0

The coach of the team said, “There is no psychological problem to come out of defense by passing. The psychological problem is global – the fear of making mistakes. It is not a problem to defend the result with a pass,” he said. Russian national team.
Russian fans - RIA Novosti, 1920, 24.03.2023

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