Post: “Success Footprint” Race in “Government of Ajman”

Ajman (Union)

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The race, which was organized at Al Safia Racecourse under the Ajman Government Sports Course in 2023, was a huge success with wide participation from citizens, residents and visitors alike. 50 years and 4 categories in a 2km route. , who are men, women, citizens and citizens.
Running is one of the social goals that the government of Ajman focuses on, encouraging community members and employees to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which helps maintain physical and psychological health and increase productivity at work.
As a result of the results of the 5 km foot race, Muhammad Toda won first place in the overall men’s category, Sufyan Dardour was second and Anwar Al-Ghuz third.
In the citizen category, Mubarak Al Marashda took first place, Saud Al Zaab was second and Abdullah Juma was third.
In the category of citizens over 50 years old, Ismail Al-Sabri took first place, followed by Jassim Ali and Ahmed Al-Musfri.
In the results of the 2 km race, Adhil Jaime won first place in the men’s category, followed by Maktoum Amin and Ayhan Yasser, Alia Amir won first place in the women’s category, Amira Amir and Maryam Ihab.
In the citizen category, Abdul Latif Al-Sabri took first place, followed by Rabih Khalaf and Muhammad Al-Nuaim, while in the female category, Al-Jud Al-Hamiri took first place, followed by Hanuf Al-Falasi. .
In football, the quarter-final teams ended with the arrival of the Department of Ports and Customs, Municipal and Planning Department, General Division of Foundations and Islamic Affairs, Transport Authority, General Command of Ajman Police, General Administration. Civil Defence, Ajman Bank and Ajman City University.
In the matches of the second day of the third round, the victory of the Secretariat of Ports and Customs over the City Hall and the Secretariat of Planning ended in 5-2 to advance to the next phase with Civil Defense and Ajman Bank by 3-3.
Al-Ahadi, on the other hand, is finishing the popular games championship, whose preliminary rounds were played over two days, in which 70 players representing 7 teams participated, who played 4 popular games, namely: soldier, dice . And in addition to Dahru playing Mutrah, the tournament aims to preserve human heritage and highlight the heritage component for the people of Emirati.

Source: Al Ittihad

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