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Where will Dziuba go? Five future scenarios for Artyom


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The brightest episode in Artem Dziuba’s career has come to an end. Forward, St. After seven years in St. Petersburg, he announced his retirement from Zenit. During this time, he managed to become the second goalscorer in the history of the club and go from love to universal fan hate from the banks of the Neva.

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Now Artem has to choose a new club. You wouldn’t think the Deadpool of Russian football would decide to hang up his boots at age 33, would you? RIA Novosti Sport offers Dziuba five clubs where he can continue his career and become a fan favourite.


If Artem wants to stay in Russia, the south club may be the best option for him. In the last few years, the striker has been hit hard by Zenit fans, who are tired of putting up with Dzyuba’s behavior. “Virage” did not back him up in chants, and in response, the player did not approach the stands after the matches. There was a similar story with Vladimir BystrovReturning to Zenit after four years at Spartak. Do you remember where the midfielder went to finish the game?

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That’s right, in Krasnodar. Local football folks like Moscow or St. Not as angry as in Petersburg. If there is no long stay in the Kuban in the biography of the newcomer of the Bulls, then there is nothing to worry about. The pressure from the stands in the luxurious stadium in Krasnodar is not felt as strongly as during the match in Krestovsky.

In Krasnodar, Dziuba can once again become the center of a football project. After the start of the well-known events, the club was left without a legionnaire and finished the season with the help of guys from the second team. And the striker Eric Botheim, taken in the winter, managed to terminate his contract with the Bulls. Sure, John Cordoba can still return to the club, but why shouldn’t Artyom play with him? As a matter of fact, he was able to find mutual understanding with Serdar Azmun, for example.

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It will probably be much easier for Artem to find mutual understanding with Alexander Storozhuk, who will continue to lead the Krasnodar team in the new season. Recently, there was a strained relationship with the striker. Sergey Semak and Valery Karpin. And in the event of his move to Krasnodar, Dziuba will have a chance to build relationships with a new coach from scratch.


Another option to pursue a career in Russia could be Sochi. Again, the discussion of local football fans, who are unlikely to meet such a transition with hostility, comes into play. Also, pay attention to work. Vladimir FedotovHaving proven time and again that players can restart their careers. Why can’t Dzyuba find a second teenager with him, as Christian Noboa did.

Fedotov is also known for the fact that the starting lineup often includes a striker. Last season Mateo Cassierra did an excellent job with this role, scoring 14 goals in the Russian championship. It will be extremely difficult to retain such a forward in a team without the Sochi European Cup and Glasgow Rangers are already watching the Colombian.

If he leaves, Artem will be an ideal candidate for the post of the new Sochi striker. Yes, and the arrival of such a forward could help the media for a team that has quietly peaked over the past few years.


The history of the reunification of Dzyuba and Cherchesova It could be a legend. It was Stanislav Salamovich who believed in Artyom in 2018 and made him the hero of the whole country after the unforgettable World Cup. The reunion can give the striker a new starting point for career revival.

A serious motivation for Dziuba could be a match in the Champions League. If he decides to stay in Russia, European competition will have to be forgotten. Cherchesov’s team will be able to offer him a return to the football elite. And a striker of this level can be an excellent assistant in qualifying for the tournament, which Ferencváros still has to overcome.

Dzyuba can easily sacrifice some matches of the Hungarian Championship to gain strength and better prepare for the Champions League. Also, Cherchesov’s coach knows Dzyuba very well and knows how to carry him to important matches.

The forward will also be able to open a clean slate with the supporters of his new team. Hungarian fans are unlikely to care about Dziuba’s reputation in Russia and his move from Spartak to Zenit. Immediately, the attitude towards the player will be shaped only by his game.

“Red Star”

Serbia is a friendly country for us, so the transition of a Russian football player to the local championship is quite possible under the current realities. Yes, and rumors last month actively sent Artem to the Red Star. The bridge between this club and Russia is Gazprom, which remains the title sponsor of the Serbian champion. Relations in the company can help Dziuba transfer.

This season Red Star Zvezda won the gold medal and qualified for the Champions League, which again could be a major factor in Artem’s selection. The problem, however, could be Dzyuba’s past in Serbia, where he will definitely draw attention. Crvena fans are old friends of Spartak Moscow fans.

If local fans meet Artyom only as a student of the “red-whites”, then it will be okay. But if they see in Dziuba a character that Spartak hates, they will definitely feel all the anger of the angry fans in full.


Another foreign option for Dzyuba could be the Turkish championship, where they do not hesitate to invite older players. Earlier, the media had already reported the interest in our striker from this country, but everything remained at the level of rumors. Several teams can simultaneously cover the salary of a football player, so it is worthwhile to understand the options in more detail.

For clubs entering the Champions League, the forward position has already been completed. While the main star of the team was general striker Andreas Cornelius in Trabzonspor, he appointed Turkish Serdar Dursun, who scored 15 goals in one year, in Fenerbahçe.

Three options remained among the rich clubs: Galatasaray, Istanbul and Beşiktaş. All three have the central forward position, but there is a caveat. Michy Batshuayi on loan from Chelsea has been at the forefront of Beşiktaş this season. The striker is unlikely to stay in Turkey and the team will need a new offensive hope. This is where Dzyuba can help them.

The author’s view may not coincide with the editors’ position.

Source: Ria

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