Post: Fans barely miss falling trees

The legendary golf tournament in Augusta narrowly avoided a disaster: Three trees fell among the fans during a storm – but no one was hit.

Also in this issue are lots of sports stories from the legendary Masters in Augusta. But the best news before the weekend was this: No one was hurt. Nobody died.

As conditions worsened with storms and rain, three large trees fell near runway 17 on Friday, kidnapping large numbers of spectators.

Golf expert Harrison Crowe was standing on the 16th hole as the pine trees slowly fell with a loud crackle. “You could feel it there, a small hurricane was coming,” Deputy John Serhan told an Australian news agency.

The hurricane hit these trees. You saw them start to shake. They were lucky that no one died. Too much luck.

Caddy John Serhan

There was no information about the injuries, as the organizers explained about 90 minutes after the shock. Just how close it is is demonstrated by several destroyed folding and camping chairs, as golfers play in droves and follow the action along the courses at Augusta National Golf Club. The roots of the trees were more than a human height above the ground, and the clean-up took hours.

The abandoned tour continued on Saturday

Even before the tree fell, the Masters were interrupted for 21 minutes due to the risk of storms and lightning. When the trees were cut, the organizers first interrupted the traditional event in Georgia, USA, and finally decided to end the day.

Round two was played to the end on Saturday – superstar Tiger Woods and last year’s winner Scottie Scheffler, among others, had yet to complete their rounds.

However, the forecast for the weekend isn’t good either, with rain predicted and about 20 degrees cooler than Friday morning when Brooks Koepka started his second round in bright sunshine and played better than the previous day.

PGA ‘renegade’ Koepka leads

Twelve below equals, he entered the clubhouse, sparking the debate over whether a player from the much-criticized Saudi-funded LIV could get the green jacket for a Masters win. American Koepka left the PGA Tour and now plays on the lucrative LIV Tour, which is controversial due to Saudi influence.

The fuss would have been even greater if amateur Sam Bennett had continued his exciting performance until Sunday, catching four hits before he dropped out for third place. The 23-year-old U.S. amateur champion and after 36 holes better than any amateur since 1956. Between Koepka and him lies Spaniard Jon Rahm, three strokes behind the top.

Wood and Langer fight for share

Tiger Woods is still missing the final seven holes in the second round, with two hits on joint 50th, the cut is at stake. He’s managed to do so in the previous 24 Masters appearances – including last year, which was his first participation since the serious car accident.

German veteran Bernhard Langer is unlikely to make the kick-off in the last two rounds at Augusta: the 65-year-old will likely fail when he enters the prestigious tournament for the 40th time.

Source: ZDF

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