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Post: Zhulin said that Khudaiberdiyeva and Bazin are working on a new program.


Coach Zhulin said that figure skaters Khudaiberdiyeva and Bazin are working on a new program.

MOSCOW, April 12 – RIA Novosti, Alena Sulizova. The duo’s coach, Alexander Zhulin, told RIA Novosti that ice dancing figure skaters Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva and Yegor Bazin are working on staging a new program.

In April, Khudaiberdieva and Bazin completed cooperation with coach Denis Samokhin and moved to Zhulin’s group. They won the gold medals of the Russian championship last season.

“I will say that the work is very easy, the children are hardworking, they are unstoppable. And they have already come up with music for the program, and many new ideas, many ideas, many elements have come. I will start with Bazin and Khudaiberdiyeva, and when Sasha (Stepanova) gets better we will watch their program, of course, we already have sketches and they have music. They worked with Max Stavisky. I hope I like their program. Soon we will figure everything out and let go,” said Zhulin.

Zhulin’s group trains five dance couples. The mentor talked about how he managed to allocate time.

“The truth is we have four coaches at a very high level: one is doing the support, the second is the choreography, the third is both in the elements and on all tracks, and I’m working on technique, scoring numbers. So far I’m sure there’s not enough time for anyone, it’s all very well spread out. .I skate all the time now. It’s a different thrill. This is a definite challenge for me and all my friends. It’s a great pleasure for senior couples,” added the agency’s source.
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The coach spoke about the future of the figure skater, who won a bronze medal at the European Championships.

Source: Ria

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