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Post: Zhulin answered the question about Russia’s two-time champion


Coach Zhulin reported that skaters Stepanova and Bukin were pleased to work together.

MOSCOW, April 12 – RIA Novosti, Alena Sulizova. Honored coach of Russia in figure skating Alexander Zhulin told RIA Novosti about the good working atmosphere in his group.

Earlier, Zhulin told RIA Novosti that two-time Russian ice dancing champions Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin joined the coaching group.

“Stepanova and Bukin have a stylish mood, just like mine. I am very happy to work now, after all, very high-end couples have arrived. I also have Shanaeva / Drozd and Tyutyunina / Bagin. It’s a pleasure to work now … All people are adults, all with concepts It seems to me that men also do not regret anything,” said Zhulin.

At the end of March, Stepanova became a mother. The athlete published images from the maternity hospital on the Telegram channel. In July last year, the skater announced the upcoming wedding.

“I remember very well how Tanya Navka started after pregnancy in about the same situation as Roma (Kostomarov) and after about the same time. You know how it ended, Navka became the Olympic champion for three weeks (Stepanova) ) so that the muscles return to normal recover a bit, then we work out normally. Now there’s more exercise, more retreats,” added the agency’s source.
Nikita Katsalapov - RIA Novosti, 1920, 04/12/2023

Zhulin spoke about the health of Katsalapov, who missed the season

Source: Ria

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