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Post: German tennis players reach the final


German tennis players reached the finals of the Billie Jean King Cup. They clearly beat Brazil 3-1.

Three different players, three victories: Thanks to solid teamwork, German women’s tennis players reached the final round of the Billie Jean King Cup for the second time.

Jule Niemeier won the top single for the first time against world number 14 in Stuttgart on Saturday. Beatriz Haddad with Maia 7:6 (7:3), 3:6, 6:2. Anna-Lena Friedsam then clearly defeated Laura Pigossi 6:1, 6:0, thus recording the crucial third point against Brazil. Tatjana Maria scored the first point in three tough sets against Pigossi on Friday.

Finals in the Billie Jean King Cup in November

The finals will be played from 7-12 November. Venue has not been determined yet. Second final round participation for Germany after 2021. At that time the selection of the German Tennis Association in Prague was eliminated after two defeats in the group stage.

Niemeier set the course for Saturday’s finals. Team manager Rainer Schüttler opted for the German number one over Maria, who was exhausted after Friday night’s marathon match against Pigossi and last week’s tournament win in Bogotá. “We had thought about it beforehand and thought it would work best that way,” Niemeier said after converting his first game point against Haddad Maia.

Tense start for Niemeier

Then she fell on her back and tried to hold back her tears.

I was very angry. I am very proud of myself and my team. We took the momentum of Friday with us.

jule niemeier

The lack of self-confidence was evident at first, after Niemeier had just two wins in 13 games this year. The Dortmund woman immediately gave up her service. However, his self-confidence returned to his game when Haddad served from Maia and made the score 3:3. Although he had to give up his serve again soon after, Niemeier now played more aggressively and managed to get into the tie-break. There he found the trump card and won the first set after 78 minutes of hard work.

German men fail in their qualities:

Finally, Niemeier kept his cool.

In the second round, Niemeier failed to take advantage of the three time-outs from the start. Haddad Maia then improved and equalized the set after 2:11 hours. But Niemeier countered and quickly backed out in the third episode. The rest was pure joy and relaxation.

Playing for Germany is something special. This was my first home game. That’s why I’m happy to be able to help the team.

jule niemeier

After the match, Niemeier hugged all his teammates and the entire support team. Above all, the hug with female boss Barbara Rittner was cordial. “He always told me I was the best player and that I had to keep believing in myself,” Niemeier said.

Friedsam clears things up against Pigossi

Friedsam then made the decision. Friedsam already had a strong performance against Haddad Maia on Friday, but eventually had to admit defeat in three sets. Friedsam was rewarded for his good form against Pigossi and didn’t give the tired-looking Brazilian a chance. “Today was a golden day,” said Friedsam, after his win in just 72 minutes.

Source: ZDF

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