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Post: The new face of boxing? Mayweather’s tank kills the King with a liver shot


Gervonta Davis defeats Ryan Garcia for the first time

The RIA Novosti Sport reporter is very pleased with the super fight in Las Vegas, and as a result, another undefeated star in the boxing industry has fallen.

great excitement in america

Contrary to the obnoxious “trend” of world boxing that drives the undefeated champions apart (it is unlikely that we will see the fight of our Dmitry Bivol and Artur Beterbiev – we cannot believe the poster of Alexander Usik VS Tyson Fury), popular boxers from the USA “King” Ryan Garcia and the scandalous Gervonta “Tank” Davis has decided not to support the “unsportsmanlike” flash mob. With 51 wins and 45 knockouts for two, the undefeated guys finally got into a fight! One was introduced by social networks, the second was Floyd Mayweather Jr. Introduced by, that’s great. After all, both athletes are currently one of the most talented representatives of boxing.

Garcia vs.  Davis fight poster

The most popular boxers in the US will fight anyway. The fight is a must see

At the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, fans witnessed an uncompromising decline and then got a little upset: How badly they wanted this show to continue… But the point was set. There is no point in taking revenge (at the moment – for sure).

He’s holding his chin. What about cookies?

Favorite Davis is expected to choose tactics to act as number two. And if you haven’t watched Tank fights before, it might seem like Ryan has a shot at this fight. The weaker player captured the center of the ring and began chasing Gervonta, forcing her to defend herself and stay away from the long arms of the tall opponent.

But at some point, Garcia started playing. The number of punches he threw was nothing compared to the quality of Davis’ attacks, and the second-round uppercut proved it. The fist hit him right on the head, no block – the king flew to the canvas, but he avoided falling to the ground and continued the fight.

Gervonta Davis
Gervonta Davis

Garcia’s enthusiasm visibly dwindled. Sitting in the front rows, Floyd, Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao watched a close encounter where one mistake could decide everything. That’s what happened in the seventh round: Garcia recklessly threw a combo without covering the body with his right hand. The “reaction” comes in the liver – Ryan begins to pull back, a grimace is projected on his face … The boxer falls to his knees and cannot get up. So “zero” disappeared from King Ray’s record forever.

And 28-0 turned 29-0.

Will we see Tank on the boxing front again?

In two weeks, today’s winner will hear the judge’s decision again. True, no one will raise a hand to her: on May 5, Gervonta will not stand in the T-Mobile arena, but in the courthouse. And no, it’s not about the beating of a girlfriend, the sports media wrote about at the end of 2022.

Three years ago, Davis showed his worst side on the road. His luxury Lamborghini ran a red light, then crashed into a car that was driving by the rules. Four people, including a pregnant woman, were injured in the accident. However, the police teams who came to the accident site could not find the perpetrator because the famous boxer escaped. Although Davis paid compensation for the treatment of three of the four victims, the aggravating circumstances – a wagon and a small car. That’s why it’s so exciting for Tank fans (and supporters) who can “sit” for seven years.

But today, the invincible American will certainly not remember the upcoming trial. And enjoy the main victory in his career.

Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The US boxer was arrested 11 days before the fight. Mayweather made him a star

Source: Ria

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