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Post: Tikhonov called FIS’s decision not to re-elect Vyalba as foolish


Tikhonov on FIS’s decision not to re-elect Vyalba: I did not expect more stupidity from the Scandinavians

KAZAN, May 26 – RIA Novosti, Vadim Kuznetsov. Multiple Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov told RIA Novosti that members of the International Ski Federation (FIS) made a mistake by not re-electing the head of the Russian Ski Federation, Elena Vyalbe, to the organization’s board of directors.

The elections were held as part of the organization’s congress in Milan on Thursday. Vyalbe received 48 votes (out of 115) at the time of voting – the smallest result among 23 candidates. The FIS Council consists of 18 people.

“I didn’t expect any more stupidity from the Scandinavians. They join NATO, it’s their rambling decision. The same thing happens in skiing and biathlon. Who are our main asthmatics? Scandinavians and especially Norwegians. Everyone is in snot. And who are they compared to Vyalba? What makes skiing great? it was him,” said Tikhonov.

“Previously only Norway won, she was only interested in skiing. And now interest has increased thanks to Vyalba, Johannes Klebo. Who will make a claim against us? Lena do not worry. She has a name, she is the best federation “, – said the famous athlete.

Source: Ria

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