“Bad race”: Borodavko explained what the FIS council expects without Vyalba

Borodavko: FIS is competing against Russia, without Vyalba there will be no alternative view

MOSCOW, May 26 – RIA Novosti, Pavel Levkovich. Yuri Borodavko, head coach of the Russian ski team, in a meeting with RIA Novosti, politicized the election, in which Elena Vyalbe was not re-elected to the board of directors of the organization within the framework of the Congress of the International Ski Federation ( FIS).

On Thursday, the President of the Russian Ski Racing Federation (FLGR) was not re-elected to the FIS Council. Vyalbe has been part of it since 2021.

“These are all political decisions, in recent months the turn has been not just about Elena Vyalba, but about everything Russian. All officials are racing to show who hates Russia more, who will say the worst things about us. That was something else. Opportunity not to let Vyalba enter the FIS council, which they successfully exploited.We can only prove our position by results and a fair fight.At the moment the whole world is arming against Russia, they are trying everything possible way to squeeze us out of international organizations.Russia, especially in cross-country skiing “Our opinion will always matter, but we see what actions are being taken within the FIS. Not for all these actions. benefit of our sport – cross-country skiing. Vyalba also spoke about this from the podium. Now they will not hear this voice, they will not hear an alternative opinion “, – said Borodavko.

Against the background of the situation in Ukraine, the FIS first deprived Russia of the right to host the World Cup Final in Tyumen, and then decided not to allow athletes from Russia and Belarus to participate until the end in competitions under the auspices of the organization. 2021/22 season. The decision on the performance of the Russians and Belarusians in the upcoming international season has not yet been made.

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