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Post: A drunk Ukrainian was found in Nichushkin’s room. Is the Russian involved in a scandal?


Denver Post: A drunk woman was found in Colorado forward Nichushkin’s room.

In the unpredictable outcome of the NHL playoffs, the most mysterious was far from hockey history. The Russian forward of Colorado Avalanche, who played against the Seattle Kraken in the first two games of the series, unexpectedly came out of the avalanche practice. In the camp of the current owners of the Stanley Cup, Nichushkin’s departure from the club was announced for “personal reasons”, without giving any details and an approximate date for the striker’s return. Without Valery, Avalanche played three matches in which they lost two and were on the verge of relegation in the first round. Probably, the head coach of “Colorado” Jared Bednar will not be able to count on the help of the Russians for a while.

A few days after Nichushkin’s temporary retreat from the avalanches, North American media began to share alleged details of the situation. Let’s emphasize: neither the club nor the hockey player’s representative should be, as they have not received official comments and clarifications that would give specific answers to the large number of questions that arise.

Hockey player Colorado Avalanche Valery Nichushkin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 04/25/2023

The media called the possible reason for Nichushkin’s departure from the “Colorado” position.

So, insider Frank Seravalli said on the broadcast of the Canadian channel Sportsnet podcast that there was an alcohol-related incident involving Nichushkin at a hotel in Seattle, where the Colorado team was located. Denver-based journalist Adrian Dater later added that an unidentified 28-year-old woman was hospitalized from the same hotel. Later it turned out that this girl had at least an indirect relationship with Valery.

On April 28, publications appeared in a number of media outlets citing the Seattle Police Department that an unidentified person was found in the room where Russian striker Colorado lived. Adrian Dater also clarified that Seattle police were not involved in the case, only the city’s fire department was involved. However, it was noted that the woman was extremely drunk. Which substance is unknown. Dater reported that the girl was under the influence of alcohol, adding that it could also be drugs, Bennett Durando of The Denver Post said, citing David Cuerpo, spokesperson for the Seattle Fire Department.

Hockey player Colorado Avalanche Valery Nichushkin at a match with Tampa Bay Lightning - RIA Novosti, 1920, 27.06.2022

From doping scandal to fame in the USA: Russian striker wins Stanley Cup

There is no information about how the woman got into the room and her connections with the Russian hockey player, who has been married to Moscow Svetlana Gavrilyuk since June 2018. It was determined that they were simply not related, and the unidentified woman was found in Nichushkin’s hotel room by a representative of the Colorado medical center. It was not specified why Valery had to check his room. The Seattle fire department’s report stated that when they saw a “very drunk” woman in the room, they called 911 and called an ambulance to have the girl further hospitalized. At the same time, the lady acted aggressively: she clashed with the hotel’s security service in the hotel lobby, and also hit a member of the Avalanche medical team. She refused to press charges against him, she.

During the registration of the case, the woman said that she came to the United States from Russia, but that she was born in Ukraine. However, she allegedly wasn’t happy about moving to America, she. The girl said she “shouldn’t have come to America” ​​and got a “bad guy’s” passport. At the time of publication, no data were available on the woman’s life and employment in Washington State.

Hockey player Colorado Avalanche Valery Nichushkin - RIA Novosti, 1920, 18.10.2022

Rodchenkov posted: How did Nichushkin get out of the doping scandal?

It is important to emphasize that no criminal acts were recorded at the crime scene. Nichushkin himself was not there when an unknown woman was found in the hockey player’s room. In addition, the Russian striker is not a defendant in the case, which is not covered by the judicial investigation.

Last summer, Stanley Cup winner Valery Nichushkin signed a new eight-year contract with Avalanches with a cap of $6.125 million. In the 2022/23 regular season, the Russian player scored 47 points (17 goals and 30 assists) in 53 games. He has one assist in two games of the current playoffs.

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