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Post: “Be like Guberniev!” Teaching how to live an Olympic champion


Olympic champion Natalya Nepryaeva has created a high-profile newsletter, communicating with haters through social networks. The reaction was very strange and uncertain. RIA Novosti Sport columnist explains why the best Russian skier shouldn’t be taught life.

Natalia can not be called open to the press. Before the start of the Russian Cup, Nepryaeva refused to communicate, saying that she “has nothing to talk about yet”. During the winter, the skier passed by journalists who wrote, and then complained of “stupid questions.”

“She needs to be more open to the media, then there will be less haters. There will be more fans. We need to respond with a smile and take, for example, my approach or that of Veronika Stepanova,” advised TV presenter Dmitry Guberniev.

Journalists have no resentment towards Nepryaeva. Contrary to the sensational situation with Veronika Stepanova, who was advised to take Natalya as an example. The athlete does not try to create an image over the hat or hype. Yes, it is complex, the character is not easy. However, that’s what made him the great skier everyone knows.

Natalia Nepryaeva - RIA Novosti, 1920, 05/04/2023

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Why doesn’t he need excessive media coverage? The answer is simple. It does not disappear from the headlines of the media and the stories on television, depending on the results. You can move nonsense in social networks as much as you want, but without victory, interest will be lost. Both for journalists and among fans. The status of the best athlete in the country gives much more. But loud “champions of a race” quickly fade into the shadows.

You can look at the situation from a personal perspective. As Yuri Viktorovich Borodavko noted, “Natalya Nepryaeva is a very kind and helpful girl”. Coach never cheated.

Having a real Russian character, he gives the impression of a very closed, even a little bad person. It only happens to foreigners. A kind of protective barrier that protects from unnecessary external negativity. In the shower and in contact with loved ones, Natalya’s fans hardly noticed.

Dmitry Guberniev - RIA Novosti, 1920, 29.04.2023

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Therefore, he gets annoyed by comments or messages from malicious people. Soft people like this really push things much harder. He locks himself in a small and gentle world, surrounded only by those he trusts. However, sometimes resentment for unjust insults builds up and the power to restrain it from the inside ends. Such a cry of the soul appeared, as it came from Nepryaeva the day before.

It’s hard for Natalya to understand where “so much crap” comes from in people. Although the explanation is simple and lies in one word – envy. Unfortunately, there will always be such individuals. Skill will come to not pay attention to them – they are bile and burned with evil.

Nepryaeva does not have to be “like Guberniev” or “like Stepanova.” To maintain your status as the best in the country and the world, you must continue to be yourself. This will depend on the number of fans. It is not from the media that Natalia was called. Do not teach Nepryaeva to live!

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Evgeny Dementiev - RIA Novosti, 1920, 04/11/2023

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