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Post: He died at the age of 31 from a terrible illness. The tragedy of the Russian bobsleigh


Former Russian sledgeman Vladimir Zaitsev dies of leukemia at 31

On May 5, the bobsleigh community was shocked by the terrible news – Vladimir Zaitsev died at the age of 32. The death of the athlete was reported in social networks by his wife Saina.

“05/05/2023. Vova is no longer with us. The farewell will be held on May 7, 2023. The funeral in the funeral parlor of the “Memory” hospital complex in the city of Kovrov is at 10:00. Come say goodbye to Vova. All relatives, friends, He will be happy if his colleagues, friends and just caring people come.”

From an early age, Vladimir demonstrated his success in bobsleigh. He became the winner and laureate of the junior championship of Russia and the laureate of the Russian championship. In 2014, the athlete entered the junior world championship, where he managed to win a silver medal. It seems that such a start should have ensured an excellent future in the bobsleigh.

Soon Vladimir entered the main Russian team and received the title of international master of sports in bobsleigh. However, he could not get a place in the team, his career in the national team was short-lived. Zaitsev’s last performance on the international stage for the Russian national team was the European Cup stage in January 2016, where he was sixth in his four-man team. At the age of 30, he ended his sled career. Recently, she lived in the city of Kovrov, Vladimir Region, where she worked in a local fitness club.

Russian sledgeman Vladimir Zaitsev.  archive photo

a terrible diagnosis

In February 2023, a terrible post appeared on the Instagram account of Vladimir’s wife: on the 18th, Zaitsev was diagnosed with acute leukemia.

“The doctors couldn’t understand for a long time what happened to Vova, after a while I took his tests to Moscow and now the result has come! We started the treatment yesterday. Since the treatment will be long, we will need money, Vova will not be able to work and therefore I will have less working hours. I spend all my time I’m in the hospital now that I spent with him the first days were very difficult then there is life and travel two cities, “Saina wrote.

Saina supported her husband in everything and hoped for a positive outcome. She raised money for treatment through social networks, she. But the methods chosen in Russia did not give positive dynamics, the condition of the athlete worsened. Only foreign expensive clinics had options.

After some time, they managed to collect a third of the required amount, and Vladimir went to Istanbul. After consultation, local doctors made a decision – a bone marrow transplant and an even larger sum of money are required for treatment. Zaitsev’s condition remained stable. At the end of April, the first chemotherapy was applied. There was hope that everything would start to improve, but then the bobsleigh got worse. Vladimir passed away this morning.

Victoria Divak - RIA Novosti, 1920, 18.04.2023

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Source: Ria

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