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Post: CSKA head coach Fedotov spoke about Oblyakov’s injury


CSKA Technical Director Fedotov explained the replacement of Oblyakov with the words “the leg muscles did not work”.

MOSCOW, May 7 – RIA Novosti, Svetlana Bonopartova. The head coach of the army team, Vladimir Fedotov, said that CSKA football player Ivan Oblyakov, who was injured in the match played with Orenburg, would continue to play if he could, but his leg muscles did not hold.

CSKA defeated Orenburg in the 26th week match of the Russian Premier League (RPL). The match held in Moscow on Sunday ended with a score of 2:1 in favor of the army team. In the 42nd minute, Oblyakov was injured and removed from the game.

“We hope it’s nothing serious. It hit the hip muscle, the plexus of nerve endings. We know he would have continued if he could, but his leg muscles wouldn’t,” Fedotov said at a press conference.
Russian Premier League (RPL)
07 May 2023 • Starts at 16:30

2 : one

08” • Igor Diveev

(Jesus Medina)
87” • Fedor Chalov

(Jesus Medina)
90‎’‎ • Stepan Hovhannisyan
“A lot of strength and desire was spent in the cup game. They started well, they scored, they had a lot of good moments, they were pretty sharp but they couldn’t finish those parts. Orenburg is a team that plays, especially the offensive group. It’s no wonder.” 48 goals scored. In this section, the championship was added, two away wins were obtained. It was necessary to keep the balance. The match passed in serious tension until the second goal,” he said.

Fedotov appreciated the game of striker Anton Zabolotny.

“His logic is that the strongest comes out. Anton is selflessly committed to the process – it works somewhere, it doesn’t work anywhere. He is an important player who scores, creates balance. Anton terrorizes the opponent’s defense line. He holds on very well on the top, plays great back. We create a lot of chances under such partitions. That’s the whole logic,” Fedotov concluded.
Orenburg coach Marcel Lichka - RIA Novosti, 1920, 05/07/2023

“Orenburg” coach sought the most suitable result for the team in the RPL

Source: Ria

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