Post: CSKA Serbian football player tells what surprised him after moving to Russia

Serbian CSKA football player Zdelar said he was surprised by the cold and clean cities in Russia

MOSCOW, May 12 – RIA Novosti. Serbian football player of CSKA Sasha Zdelar saidAfter moving to Russia, the cold and clean cities surprised him.

The midfielder joined the Moscow club in the summer of 2022, signing a three-year contract.

“I was surprised by the cold in Russia. You really need to get used to it. I did not play anywhere at minus 15, like in Yekaterinburg. At that time I seemed to be dying from the inside (laughs). It could be in Serbia,” the football player told the club’s press service, the maximum is minus two. or three degrees,” he said.

The actor also described Moscow as the cleanest city he has ever seen.

“It’s not like that even in Spain. Russia’s capital is an incredible, magnificent metropolis,” Zdelar added.

The footballer has appeared in 22 matches in the Russian Premier League (RPL) this season.

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Source: Ria

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