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Post: Schalke rushes – also against Bayern?


With two last-minute wins, FC Schalke 04 are back in their fight to stay in the Bundesliga. Now they want to survive in Bayern too.

2-1 after trailing 1-0 against Bremen, both goals came in extra time. 3:2 in Mainz, a penalty in the 102nd minute of the match and the winning goal after taking the lead twice with video proof.

If there is a team in the Bundesliga that can do drama this season, it is the blue teams. Since the eighth day of the game, Gelsenkircheners have been in the relegation zone without interruption. Now that it’s up to the decisions, they’re gone.

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With three games left in the season, Schalke 04 has reached the saving bank: Please blow the season-end whistle – beg all those who support S04 when they look at the table. The fact that the current 15th place is still valid on 27 May will be nothing short of a sensation for the remaining program.

Bayern will be waiting first on Saturday (15:30, in the existing sports studio from 23:00). We list 04 points why the team of coach Thomas Reis, who has been seen as a relegated team for a long time, can collect points in Munich and help their regional rivals Borussia Dortmund to be the first in the German championship race.


When Thomas Reis followed Frank Kramer on 19 October, Schalke was second to last with six points and was eliminated in the second round of the DFB Cup. The ex-pro, who was fired from Bochum, didn’t act right away, but the race to catch up started as the second half of the season kicked off with the corrections made during the winter break. Schalke went eight games in a row undefeated, never overlooked the savings bank and now you are where you want to be at the end of the series.

Reis suits the club very well with his working mentality. The 49-year-old not only warms up the squad, but also often makes the right tactical decisions. “Time for the Chief” is what Schalke said, the eighth row in the second half chart says a lot.


With 31 goals, Schalke is the weakest offensive team in the league. But one player stands out: Marius Bülter. The late blunder – he continues to tackle the ball in the country five years ago at SV Rödinghausen in the regional league – the man of the important goals at Schalke. Of the 31 Schalke goals, 11 belong to him, including three converted penalties – like the goal scored by “Eisvogel” in the 12th minute of extra time in the thriller played in Mainz last Friday. A man like him could piss off Bayern too.


0:3 against Leverkusen, 0:2 at Hoffenheim, 0:4 at Freiburg. Even in the impressive back row, the Schalke squad seemed to lack Bundesliga quality. A week after a full 5-2 win over their basement rival, Hertha BSC, came a nasty slap after a meager performance at Breisgau.

What follows: the numerous resurrections of the Gelsenkirchen drama queen. Is it Bremen? Something hit in overtime. Is it Mainz? Bag frenzy! Momentum is at home in Gelsenkirchen. Bülter and his partners can do anything from 17:15 if they keep the duel in Munich open for a long time.


Two years ago, when relegation was finalized after another embarrassing defeat at Bielefeld, fierce fans staged a hideous hunt for players and those in charge. Now there is a rapport between the pros and the public, which will help the batters succeed against two seemingly overwhelming opponents (now Bayern, Leipzig on the final day of the match) and at home against Frankfurt (Saturday next week). .

10,000 Royal Blues are expected in Munich on Saturday – “Isar-Schalker” invites you to the fan party from 11:04.

Source: ZDF

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