Post: Didn’t Mishin forgive going to Tutberidze? Who ruined the career of a friend Zagitova

Her doll face along with perfect turns, complex jumps and artistic gliding should have made her a star. It didn’t work out RIA Novosti Sport tells about the figure skater who shared the ice with Alina Zagitova, who once defeated Alena Kostornaya and conquered Alexei Mishin and Eteri Tutberidze.

Alisa Lozko turns 21 today. A talented little girl from Izhevsk fell into the hands of coaches, who spent a lot of time on home ice with students. By a funny coincidence, the future Olympic champion Alina Zagitova was in the group with Alice. The girls immediately became friends. Two gifted children in the same group – such a situation rarely occurs everywhere.

After long hours of training, the coaches took Lozko and Zagitova to training camps in other cities. During a trip, Alexei Mishin drew attention to Alice. The master saw the talent in the girl and sent the novice figure skater to St. Petersburg invited. A dilemma arose in the Lozko family: about 2000 kilometers from Izhevsk to the Northern capital. Constantly traveling from city to city did not fit. For a normal life, the family had to move completely. As a result, Alice’s father stayed in Izhevsk, while her mother went with her daughter to the city on the Neva.

Adaptation was difficult. Alice missed her hometown. Every vacation there was a desire to leave everything and return home. Time passed, Lozko St. Petersburg got used to it. He made girlfriends, continued his education, and after reuniting with his father, his mood improved. For the sake of such conditions, the family went to St. He had to sell a four-room apartment in Izhevsk to buy an “odnushka” apartment in St. Sport required the mobilization of all imaginable and unimaginable resources. The Lozko family had to go through a difficult time and “tighten their belts”.

The results that paid the price for all of this, and most importantly, the expectation were there. In the Russian Cup stages in 2015, Alisa beat Stanislav Konstantinov, Alena Kostornaya and Daria Panenkova to win awards. A year later he performed well in the Junior Grand Prix stages and finished third in Ljubljana. Lozko later won several international B series tournaments.

The figure skater was also remembered at the local championships. At the junior championship of Russia, Alisa took fifth place in the first adult tournament – 14th place. Lozko has often been discussed, noting its authenticity and the presence of a Lutz Rittberger in its arsenal.

Mishin’s disciple graced any tournament and was amazed by the spins. Yulia Lipnitskaya was considered the standard in this regard, but Alice managed to surpass her rival. No one has ever replicated his speed, centering and unusually graceful stances.

Against the background of good results in 2016, Alice realized that she was in a stalemate. There was a deterioration in relations with Mishin. Contradictions between coach and student turned into a silent conflict. After missing winter camp with the group, Lozko felt stagnant and decided to change.

The figure skater and her family went to Moscow, where she wanted to try herself in Khrustalny. Zagitova was already skating there, along with world champion Evgenia Medvedeva. At the screenings at Eteri Tutberidze, Alice made a good impression. A week later, she was invited to the group, she. She remained to solve organizational problems.

At this point our system showed transitions and shortcomings. In order for Lozko not to be taken, St. An unspoken order came from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Tutberidze could not appoint a student, bypassing the current coach’s opinion, and everything happened in the middle of the season. In fact, Alice had to return to her mentor “Jubilee”, who perceived him as a fugitive and almost a traitor. In such a situation, it is unlikely to come to terms quickly, forget about past grievances and start normal work.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Lozko broke up with Mishin. He disappeared with the possibility of transferring to Tutberidze. So Alice ended up with a young coach Alina Pisarenko.

“Alexey Nikolayevich heard rumors that I wanted to go to Tutberidze again. Let’s say, he recommended that all Star Ice coaches not take me. I learned about this from Alina Yurievna Pisarenko. He undertook to train me. By the way, our cooperation was successful. Probably Mishin, once He decided that if I tried to go to Tutberidze without telling anyone, I could do it again, so he believed the rumors. Why hire a student who will probably soon leave you and go to another coach, ”the skateboarder said in an interview with Match TV.

Working with Pisarenko breathed new life into the skater. He even started learning the triple Axel and the quartet salchow and brought them to a quarter-turn subreddit. It could have been a breakthrough in technology back then. Injury ruined everything.

Lozko’s hip was torn. The girl took time to recover, and then she was called to dance by the Olympic champion Elena Ilyinykh. Alice’s partner was Adyan Pitkeev, the only recently retired skater. The couple looked potential and surprisingly beautiful, but the story did not develop. The athletes did not have enough money, and the coaches were not ready to work with adult inexperienced skaters.

Business and rich social life with Lipnitskaya. How does a beautiful figure skater live?

Alisa Lozko retired in 2017. She went to a school that was always in the background in the name of sports to finish her education and gradually began to train children.

Lozko has not competed for seven years. The career path did not allow to realize even a third of natural talent. To some extent, the fate of the figure skater was influenced by the condition and mistakes of the adults with whom Alice was figure skating.

In May, Lozko stopped working as a coach at Elisabeth Tursynbayeva’s academy in Kazakhstan. By the way, he is a former student of Tutberidze. Alice described her departure as follows:

“From June 2, I was supposed to move to the club led by Ilya Sergeyevich Klimkin. But due to health problems, I returned to Russia. I am recovering.”

At the same time, the athlete still looks like a doll with huge kind eyes. Students and parents talk warmly about Alice. And this love helps Lozko move forward. Despite all the difficulties.

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