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Post: Wimbledon organizers denied visa to 16-year-old Russian tennis player


Mirra Andreeva: Wimbledon should be the next tournament even though I am still not granted a visa

MOSCOW, June 3 – RIA Novosti. Russian tennis player Mirra Andreeva said she wants to play at Wimbledon, but she doesn’t know yet if she will be able to get a UK visa before the tournament.

Grand Slam Tournaments
Roland Garros WTA
03 June 2023 • Starts at 15:05
Mirra AndreevaRussia

one : 27:61:61:6

Corey GauffUnited States of America

On Saturday, 16-year-old Andreeva completed her first Grand Slam tournament, losing to world number 6 Cory Gauff (7:6 (7:5), 1:6, 1:6) in the third round of Roland Garros. United States.

“I just got into the game, after I got the first set I realized that I could win the game. Then I got a little nervous for fear of missing the win. There is still a lot to do.” “We learn from this match, but we continue to work. I understand what I did wrong and I will fix it,” Andreeva said at a press conference.

“I’m limited to tournaments now, my next tournament will be Wimbledon. But I still haven’t got my visa, so let’s see if I can play there. If not, we’ll just decide the competitions and I play in some ITF tournaments,” he added.

Yaroslav Amosov - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06/03/2023

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Wimbledon will be held from 3-16 July. Before that, three turf tournaments will be held in England. At the end of March, the organizers announced that Russian and Belarusian tennis players were accepted to participate in the 2023 Wimbledon tournament in neutral status.

Source: Ria

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