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Post: “We will not disappoint you”: head of “Torpedo” Maslov on financial guarantees


President “Torpedo” Maslov on financial guarantees: we will not disappoint you

MOSCOW, May 28 – RIA Novosti, Alexander Sergeev. Denis Maslov, head of the Moscow football club “Torpedo”, told RIA Novosti that the team will avoid financial problems in the Russian Premier League (RPL).

Torpedo earned the right to play in the RPL and won the Football National League (FNL) title. The Black and Whites returned to the top league, which they left at the end of the 2014/15 season.

“There is already a final decision about the Luzhniki. We have declared this stadium as the main, Khimki Arena as the reserve. Possible minimum participation due to the fan ID? We cannot influence this process. football or not. Fan ID is a federal project. , it will be in any case. “Let’s wait and see. Financial guarantees for next season? We won’t let you down,” said Maslov.

“As for (Alexander) Borodyuk’s trust loan, we are calm about all the consequences. I think Alexander Genrikhovich and I will stay for a long time. Does (Roman) Avdeev remain the main shareholder? Are there any doubts? I am in contact with him, everything is fine” said.

Source: Ria

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