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UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid won their 14th title with a 1-0 defeat to Liverpool.


Real Madrid won their 14th European Champions League title, beating Liverpool 1-0 at the Stade de France outside Paris on Saturday.

The consolidation of Real Clube’s record and the renewal of the victory over Liverpool, which lost 1-3 to the Spanish team in the 2018 final in Kiev, is in the hands of Brazilian Vinicius Jr., author of the only goal of the Copa Minute. end 59. The goal of the match, which started 36 minutes late, was due to “security issues”. It has to do with the “late arrival of the fans” at the stadium, while their Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois had an excellent game in which he was disappointed. Lots of chances for Liverpool.

The stadium was not full before the kick-off at 19:00, 19:00, noted AFP reporters. Large lines were seen, minutes before the whistle blew, waiting to enter the stadium.

Before the stadium announcer announced that the start of the match had been delayed by a maximum of 15 minutes, both clubs announced that it would start at 9:30 pm local time, half an hour later than the original time, before Liverpool announced it. later. . This delayed 36 minutes.

Fans tried to bypass the first barrier installed around the stadium, but access to the stadium remained “narrow”, according to AFP from the French capital’s police. Videos posted on social media show fans climbing through the stadium gate to enter.

The first cordon around the stadium was the subject of a “penetration attempt”, police confirmed, and were impatient with some Liverpool fans, who expressed annoyance at organizers for waiting outside.

Half an hour before kick-off, the atmosphere became tense as thousands of spectators slowly appeared at the entrance gate and were held back by security forces.

“Open the door,” they yelled angrily as they passed the ticket office one by one.

Tear gas was used to prevent several dozen youths from scaling the stadium’s outer barriers.

To ensure the final’s safety, around 6,800 police, gendarmes and firefighters were mobilized and transported from St Petersburg to Paris due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Authorities were expecting between 30,000 and 40,000 Liverpool fans who did not have tickets in the French capital.

Source: EuroNews



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