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Post: Participants in hearings at CAS described the progress of Valieva’s case


Participants of CAS hearings on Valieva’s case agreed to extend document flow deadlines

MOSCOW, June 9 – RIA Novosti, Andrey Simonenko. RIA Novosti was told in the court’s press service that participants in hearings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in the case of Olympic figure skating champion Kamila Valieva have agreed to extend the flow of documents.

Former USA Today columnist Christine Brennan, citing a CAS spokesperson, said it was highly unlikely that hearings would take place before August.

“The exchange of documents continues. The parties have agreed to extend the normal period for this phase. The hearing date will be determined after the submission of the witness and expert lists. It is unlikely that the hearing will take place. Before August 2023. After the hearing date is determined, it will be officially announced on the CAS website. ‘ it was said.

After the 2022 Olympics team tournament, in which Valieva helped the Russian team win, it was learned that the figure skater’s doping test on December 25, 2021 gave a positive result. CAS allowed the athlete to participate in the individual tournament of the Games, where he finished fourth. The International Olympic Committee announced the results of the Beijing Games competitions with the participation of Valieva as a preliminary, and the ceremony of awarding the winners of the team tournament of the Olympics was postponed until the investigation of the case was completed. Valieva’s case is currently at CAS.

In January, it was reported that the disciplinary anti-doping committee of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) determined that Valieva was not guilty of violating anti-doping rules, but at the same time canceled her result in the Russian Championship – 2022. • RUSADA, together with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Skating Union (ISU), filed an appeal with CAS against the decision of the Disciplinary Anti-Doping Committee.

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