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Post: The doctor said what caused the lack of sleep


Somnologist Buuzunov said that insomnia impairs immunity and lowers mood.

MOSCOW, June 9 – RIA Novosti. Somnologist Roman Buuzunov saidWhat are the consequences of sleep deprivation?

According to the expert, insomnia affects the body from the first day. A person’s health worsens, headaches and weakness may appear.

“Prolonged lack of sleep impairs immunity, which leads to an increased frequency of infectious diseases and even an increased risk of oncological pathology. The metabolic processes of a person are disturbed. This leads to obesity and diabetes,” Buuzunov told Lenta.Ru.

The doctor also noted that insomnia often causes accidents. Some people fall asleep at the wheel.

“According to expert estimates, up to 5,000 Russians a year die in traffic accidents, falling asleep at the wheel,” Buzunov said.

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