SportsRussia objected to Kulyak's disqualification for showing the letter...

Russia objected to Kulyak’s disqualification for showing the letter Z


Disqualified for one year, Russian gymnast Kulyak appeals to the GEF court

MOSCOW, June 8 – RIA Novosti, Pavel Levkovich. FSGR President Vasily Titov told RIA Novosti that the Russian Artistic Gymnastics Federation (FSGR) has objected to Ivan Kulyak’s dismissal.

In May, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) disciplinary committee suspended Russian gymnast Ivan Kulyak for a year for displaying the letter Z on his uniform.

“Yesterday we appealed against Kulyak’s dismissal. The next authority is the GEF Court of Appeal. They can only evaluate documents, hold hearings, etc. It all depends on them,” Titov said.

Kulyak placed third in parallel bar exercises at the World Cup in Doha in early March. The Russian came to the award ceremony with the letter Z applied to the uniform, which has become the unofficial symbol of support for special operations in Ukraine. The athlete later explained that this was a response to the provocations of the Ukrainian gymnasts. Thereupon, a disciplinary investigation was launched against Kulyak.

Source: Ria


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