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Post: Rubin explained the reasons for the player registration ban


Rubin said RFU imposed sanctions due to debt of 32 thousand rubles

KAZAN, November 2 – RIA Novosti, Adela Ziatdinova. Kazan “Rubin” owed coach Oleg Nechaev a reward of 32 thousand rubles for the team’s entry into the Russian Premier League (RPL), so the club was prohibited from registering new players, the Kazan press service told RIA Novosti.

On Wednesday, the RFU satisfied the application of coach Oleg Nechaev to collect the debt under the employment contract in relation to Rubin, taking into account full clarification of the requirements and ordered the club to pay interest to the coach for violating the terms of the contract. his payment. Rubin was banned from recording the newcomers. It can be removed if obligations to Nechaev are fulfilled.

“The decision of the RFU to ban the registration of newcomers is related to the statement of the coach Oleg Nechaev. We inform you that Rubin paid his debt to him even before the meeting of the chamber for the resolution of disputes. At the meeting itself, Rubin’s press service said: “This is just the team’s withdrawal from the RPL It was about collecting interest for late payment of surcharge for check-out. “This amount is 32 thousand rubles,” he said.

“Since this year, Rubin was already subject to a sanction in the form of a ban on registration of newcomers, according to the regulations, the chamber will impose such a sanction on clubs again, even for a small debt. As soon as the club pays this debt, the ban on registration in the Club will be lifted,” he added.

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