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Post: Matytsin said athletics is the diamond of the Friendship Games and BRICS Games


Matytsin: athletics will be the diamond of the Friendship Games and BRICS Games

MOSCOW, November 25 – RIA Novosti, Vasily Bogdanov. Russian Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin expressed confidence that athletics will be the diamond of the Friendship Games and BRICS Games.

Russia will host the BRICS Games and Friendship Games in 2024. The first one is planned to be held in Kazan between 12-23 June, and the second one in Moscow and Yekaterinburg between 15-29 September 2024.

“I am pleased with our successes, albeit limited, on the international stage. I mean the CIS Games. The athletes performed successfully, there are a lot of young talented athletes. I am sure that athletics will become a diamond at the new competitions – the BRICS Games and the Friendship Games. We will make a hole in the interaction with international federations “We believe that World Athletics Association (World Athletics) also understands that the participation of Olympic champions and medalists in competitions is essential.” All-Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF).

“We would like to congratulate you once again on completing an eight-year history with the re-establishment of ARAF membership. This is not only an official decision, but also an official recognition that Russian athletics is actively developing. We thank our partners. Reliable partner in years when international pressure is very intense “It was almost impossible to find one. Let’s be honest, no one would want to be associated with a problematic federation. Now we see that this is the cleanest sport possible. Particular emphasis is placed on the fight against doping. The federation is on the right track,” he said.

In March 2023, the World Athletics Council accepted the working group’s recommendation and agreed to restore ARAF’s full status, but decided that the suspension of athletes from Russia and Belarus from competitions under the auspices of World Athletics would be extended “for the foreseeable future”. to the situation in Ukraine.

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