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Post: A new Russian troika has emerged in America. Already brings victories


Voronkov played on a line with Chinakhov and Marchenko and scored the fifth goal for Columbus.

Columbus is called Russian for a reason. For the new season of the National Hockey League (NHL), the local Blue Jackets have recruited a sufficient number of hockey players from Russia to their roster so that the domestic audience pays attention to them. Naturally, the bosses and coaches of the “uniforms” were not guided by this, but the indisputable fact is that Russian hockey fans began to watch Columbus matches more often.

Our Blue Jacket representatives have justified this interest so far: forwards Dmitry Voronkov, Kirill Marchenko and Egor Chinakhov, as well as defenseman Ivan Provorov, are regularly scoring points, and Voronkov is trying to compete with rising main world star Connor Bedard in the tackle. For the Calder Trophy “—an award for the best rookie in the NHL. So far Bedard is playing more efficiently, but that’s not the point right now.

Hockey players Columbus Blue Jackets - RIA Novosti, 1920, 28.11.2023

Columbus is Russia! Russian stars broke a record by taking over America

Recently, Columbus’ entire Russian quartet has achieved unprecedented success. In the match against the Boston Bruins, the Russians scored one goal each. Moreover, Voronkov, Provorov, Chinakhov and Marchenko did this one by one and in this order. Surprisingly, it turned out that never before in NHL history have four Russians from one team scored in one match. This agenda forced “jersey” coach Pascal Vincent to pay more attention to the Russian players; Some even considered returning to Russia from time to time. What did the Columbus head coach find? He created an all-Russian troika: Chinakhov – Voronkov – Marchenko. And not just a Russian troika, but a Siberian troika. In this NHL season, Dmitry has not yet played as a center forward, which did not bother Vincent.

“He has played center before. He shows himself well in faceoffs. Dmitry is a very smart player. I think it (creating a Russian trio) will work,” explained the Blue Jackets’ helmer.

By itself, the phenomenon of the creation of Russian trios in the NHL is no longer unique. Such combinations were enough throughout the entire performance of Russian hockey players in the world’s main league. Naturally, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Detroit’s legendary trio of Sergei Fedorov, Igor Larionov and Vyacheslav Kozlov. However, this combination was never considered apart from the defensive line of Vyacheslav Fetisov and Vladimir Konstantinov. The Red Wings’ Russian starting lineup is so groundbreaking that every Russian and the entire hockey world knows it.

St. Russian troikas were also formed in Louis. The Blues were generally the first to implement this idea, putting together the combination of Karamnov – Korolev – Prokhorov in the attack, even if it did not justify itself, and the “musicians” had slightly different plans. In recent history, the Blues repeated the same method, bringing Pavel Buchnevich, Ivan Barbashev and Vladimir Tarasenko into a single unit under the leadership of Craig Berube a few years ago. He was gaining points, but today only Buchnevich of the trio was at St. He remained in St. Louis. The Florida Panthers and San Jose Sharks assembled Russian trios in divisions: the first tied the Bure brothers to Viktor Kozlov, the second to Igor Larionov, Sergei Makarov and Andrei Nazarov. However, this was a very rare situation, just like the Morozov – Titov – Kovalev trio in the Pittsburgh Penguins.

As for Columbus’ idea, it was decided to test the idea in a game with the Ottawa Senators. It looks like Pascal Vincent may be pleased with his team’s victory. Although the “jerseys” could not start the match.” In the middle of the first half the Blue Jackets were defeated with a score of 0:2. But at halftime they managed to stabilize the situation and get both goals back, the majority by Patrik Laine, who was transferred to the nominal third line It was converted and then Dmitry Voronkov also scored. Marchenko and Chinakhov were on the field at that moment, but they could not make any assists.

Even though it has a chance to be in the top three. Especially in the second period, Chinakhov, Marchenko and Voronkov put together a great combination close to the opponent’s goal. Only the Ottawa goalkeeper prevented the match from ending with a goal.

It’s funny, but the main characters of the evening were remembered not only for their gaming actions, but also for their fighting qualities. We are familiar with the character of Dmitry Voronkov, but the leader of the Senators is not Brady Tkachuk. Otherwise, the American would have been aware that the Russian striker would not put his fist in his pocket and would easily get him to his feet. In the third period, a conflict broke out between the players, starting with a small force move by Voronkov. As a result, the rivals joked in their native language.

Then Voronkov opened his fists, but again without fanaticism. The next incident began when German Senators forward Tim Stützle pushed Chinakhov, and the Russian responded by hitting his opponent’s legs with his stick. Following this blow, two Ottawa players – Swede Erik Brännström and Canadian Travis Hamonic – attacked Yegor. Voronkov and Marchenko immediately sided with their compatriots. Marchenko pushed Brennström away and Voronkov nearly got into a fight with Hamonic and another Canadian, Matthew Joseph, who confronted the already prone Voronkov, who lost his helmet. As a result of the episode, only Yegor Chinakhov, who received a minor penalty for hitting himself with a stick, was punished.

They made some noise, yes. Ivan Provorov also did not remain silent. In fact, the winner was his attack on goal at the beginning of the second period. The Russian defender did a great job at the blue line, taking out an Ottawa player and spotting traffic in front of the opposing goal in time. After his shot, the puck was technically cleared by Adam Fantilli. Provorov already has 13 assists for his new club! Columbus bosses are clearly happy with the summer trade deal with Philadelphia.

Columbus Blue Jackets hockey player Dmitry Voronkov celebrates the goal - RIA Novosti, 1920, 12/02/2023

Voronkov’s goal and Provorov’s pass gave Columbus the victory over Ottawa.

Source: Ria

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