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Post: Men’s World Cup slalom stage canceled due to snow and rain in the Alps


Men’s Slalom World Cup canceled due to snow and rain in the Alps

MOSCOW, December 10 – RIA Novosti. It was reported that the men’s slalom World Cup held in France was canceled due to weather conditions. official website International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS).

“Yesterday the snow was really good and then in the evening it started to rain. Then it turned into sleet with strong winds. The current conditions are not good enough for the race,” said FIS race director Markus Waldner.

Also St. It was reported that the women’s super G competition held in St. Moritz (Switzerland) was also canceled due to heavy snowfall.

“There was a lot of snow last night. The minimum was 20 centimeters, there were places where it exceeded 40 centimeters. Snow actually covered the race track, which we had kept clean until last night, but this new snow eventually ruined it. FIS Women’s Race Director Peter Gurdol said, “This is to keep the race safe. “It is impossible to prepare the base in a few hours,” he said.

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