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Post: The Football World Cup could be a super-spreading event


Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck warns that the World Cup in Qatar threatens to become a superspread event. Protective masks can still help.

Hendrik Streeck, head of the Institute of Virology at the University of Bonn, has mixed feelings about the coming fall and winter in relation to one event in particular: the World Cup in Qatar.

“As a result, we could create larger outbreaks again, or there could be an overspread event, and you need to prepare for it,” says Streeck at RTL Nachtjournal.

Streeck wants protective masks

Many are likely to watch the World Cup indoors. Protective masks can still help.

We know the mask works and provides protection.

Henrik Streeck

But first of all, the elderly and risk groups in nursing homes should be better protected. This includes concepts of good hygiene as well as a fourth vaccination for risk groups. Young people do not need it at the moment, for them the triple vaccination is enough.

Source: ZDF

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