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Post: “Funny”: Vyalba toured the Minister of Sports of Ukraine after scandalous words


Vyalba on the statement of the Minister of Sports of Ukraine: whatever they want to say

KONONOVSKY (Arkhangelsk region), June 17 – RIA Novosti, Sergey Smyshlyaev. Elena Vyalbe, President of the Russian Ski Racing Federation (FLGR), admitted that she does not pay much attention to the words of her Ukrainian colleagues, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Ukraine’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Vadim Gutzeit, said on Tuesday that Ukraine will reject all international competitions in which athletes from Russia and Belarus will participate, regardless of which flag their teams compete under.

“I don’t want to comment on the statements of Ukrainian athletes or sports leaders, I don’t even see it necessary. As for ski races… Did they participate in ski races with us? I don’t know. It’s even funny. As I remember, doping scandals with skiers increased after the Olympics. Let them say what they want,” he said.

Against the background of the situation in Ukraine, the International Ski Federation (FIS) first deprived Russia of the right to host the World Cup Final in Tyumen, and then decided not to allow athletes from Russia and Belarus to participate in competitions under its auspices. organization.

“If an international federation officially allows us to participate in international competitions, I don’t think we will listen to the opinions of some athletes from other countries. Let them not compete if they don’t want to. Those are their problems,” added the head of FLGR.

Source: Ria

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