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Post: ‘It’s getting worse’: Hamilton in ‘Mercedes’


Hamilton in the Mercedes car: Nothing we do with the car works

MOSCOW, June 18 – RIA Novosti. Seven-time Formula 1 champion Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton said after Friday’s Canadian Grand Prix practice that the changes to the car didn’t work.

On Sunday, Hamilton finished fourth at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, which took place on the streets of Baku. Over the weekend, he and teammate Briton George Russell complained of the “dolphin” effect of the car bouncing at high speed on the straights, where the high downforce at the bottom caused the airflow to decrease and the car to lose downforce. and then it gathers again. The International Automobile Federation (FIA) later issued a directive allowing teams to modify the car to combat this effect.

“Nothing we do works. We try different settings. Me and George tried different settings in the second session to see which one worked. I’m waiting for your feedback, but it was a disaster for me. It’s like the car just becomes more stable the more we work with it. But we’ll keep working,” Sky Sports quotes Hamilton.

Saturday will be the third free practice and qualifying races. The race will be held on 19 June.

Source: Ria

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