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Post: What is the story of this horrible crime that rocked the Egyptian city of Mansoura when a young man killed a girl in front of a university?


A gruesome crime rocked an Egyptian street after a young woman was stabbed to death by an art student at Mansura University while entering the university and getting off the bus.

Naira Ashraf, an Egyptian student, left her home on Monday morning and went to Mansoura University to continue her lectures. The young woman did not know at the time that she was living her final hours and would have been the victim of a horrific massacre after her colleague killed her in front of students and security guards, without eyelids.

This horrible crime shocked the streets of Egypt. Deplorable and deplorable comments were circulated on social media and citizens demanded that the Egyptian authorities impose the most severe punishment on the accused.

According to eyewitnesses, the killer punched the young woman before she fell to the ground and hit her head on the sidewalk, then pulled out a knife and stabbed her before killing her in front of everyone.

Then one of the security guards came out and with the help of the students managed to arrest him and hand him over to the police.

The victim’s family was immediately notified by the competent authorities and the ambulance brigade transferred his body to the morgue.

Journalist Muhammad Fares Taman, host of the Al-Ahly Red Line program on the Al-Ahly channel, commented on Twitter and posted on his official Twitter page, saying, “People were taking pictures before the girl was killed. She interferes.”

“I can’t understand the scene and I can’t imagine the reasons or the justification for it, because there is no reason in the world for a person to commit such a crime except that he is sick,” he said. Behavior of medieval societies.

For his part, Egyptian writer Sameh Askar tweeted: “The crime at Mansoura University today confirms the threat of cinematic harassment for generations and highlights the state’s interest in ending violence against women. Every sheikh…” “Men must be punished and all artists who are examples of bullying must be banned… Egypt needs social peace.”

Social media pioneers released a video showing the killer lying on the ground surrounded by a group of youths after they managed to stop him.

Egyptian student Mohammed Mukhtar commented on the illustrated scene on Twitter: “Praise God, he is not like that. He prefers how many days he will live in such horror until he realizes, God willing, that it will be for the best. “What dies once and rests like that. God, God, you will endure hard suffering, God willing.”

Activists demanded that the shocking video not be released due to the heartbreaking footage it contained and demanded that fans not view or open it.

Source: EuroNews

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