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Post: From Ronaldo to Neymar: football stars who reject Russia’s money


June is the busiest month for transfer rumors every year. Every day, new players are sent to one or another club of the Russian championship. In fact, only a small percentage of the people mentioned make it to our Premier League.

And those who choose a different path to pursue their careers often rise to the level of real-world football stars. RIA Novosti recalls the loudest names of the players who remained one step away from moving to Russia.

Poop in CSKA

The arrival of the current world champion is a real rarity for the Russian Premier League (RPL). But such a scenario could happen in 2003. The young Brazilian midfielder from São Paulo, nicknamed Kaka, began to be called up to the Brazilian national team, where he won the World Cup in Japan and Korea. A year after the unforgettable tournament, it became clear that the attacking midfielder had time to head to Europe to continue advancing.

Most actively Kaka was involved in CSKA. Muscovites were able to persuade the midfielder to move to Russia and signed a preliminary contract with him. But then Milan intervened. carlo anchelotti. Evgeny Giner Understanding the difference between the Italian and Russian titles, he decided not to prevent the Brazilian from moving to Serie A. Years later, the army boss described Kaka as the most offensive failed pass in his life.

Cristiano Ronaldo at Dynamo

Cristiano Ronaldo - RIA Novosti, 1920, 06/21/2022
Cristiano Ronaldo

Multiple winners of the “Golden Ball” from RPL. Sounds interesting, right? But we will never know whether Cristiano Ronaldo will win so many trophies in Russia. Remember when Dynamo Moscow worked closely with the Portuguese? Cristiano can also get into that famous star recruitment.

“Dynamo” was meeting with the Portuguese manager. George Mendes in 2004. The Portuguese, who played in Manchester United for only one year, could not get used to life in England and was thinking about a change in environment. There was a variant here and with the Moscow club. The former owner of the “white-blue” Aleksey Fedorychev confirmed the fact of negotiations with the representative of Ronaldo.

Meanwhile, the financially strong Dynamo at the time considered other options for reinforcement. That’s why the club planned to invite Angel Di Maria to Moscow and nanibut both actors did not dare to move to Russia.

Neymar at Anji

Only one club in the history of Russian football could afford Neymar’s transfer. Of course, we are talking about the heyday of business, Anji. Suleiman Karimov. The Makhachkala club then managed to strengthen the star. Roberto Carlos and Samuel Eto’o. The titled defender tried to lure the young star of Brazilian football to Russia.

Roberto Carlos said, “I talked to Neymar about this and suggested he move to Anji. We discussed the conditions that Kerimov was ready to offer him. Now it’s his turn. By sending a transfer offer to the club with the president of Santos,” said Roberto Carlos. accepted.

Neymar, of course, did not dare to move to Russia and chose Barcelona. At the same time, even before the offer from Anji, Lokomotiv took care of him, as he said. Nikolai Naumov. The leadership of the “Railway” was then frightened by the demanded price of ten million euros for such a young striker.

Luis Suarez at Zenit

At Barcelona, ​​Neymar was part of an incredible offensive trio alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Recently, the Uruguayan left the Spanish championship and is now in search of a new club. Now it is unlikely that teams from Russia will receive their salary, but earlier such options were certainly possible. In the summer of 2010, Dutch media wrote that Zenit was ready to buy Suarez from Ajax and offer him a salary of three million euros a year. The striker refused and made his Liverpool debut six months later.

Zenit made a new attempt two years ago to bring him to the Russian championship. At that time, Suarez had left Barcelona as a free agent and was looking for a new team. The Spanish press wrote that the “blue-white-blue” is ready to make him the highest paid player in the RPL. However, Luis chose to stay in Spain and move to Atletico.

Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane in “Spartacus”

Spartak’s former chief scout, Alexander Averyanov, said a few years ago there was a “wailing wall” in the Moscow club’s office. Thereupon, the recon team writes the names of the players who could go to the Red-White camp but were never transferred. Moreover, the transitions of these players did not take place due to the shortcomings of Spartak representatives.

According to Averyanov, the “red-whites” had every chance to sign Salah while the Egyptian player was still playing.Basel“. Surname also flaunted on the board ManeHe eventually formed an incredible band with Salah in Liverpool. Spartak made an official offer for the Senegalese while playing for Red Bull from Salzburg. However, the striker had by then clearly decided that he would continue his career in England, rejecting Spartak.

Marcelo at CSKA

The other day, Marcelo gave a touching press conference about his departure from Real Madrid. The Brazilian football player played in Madrid for 15 years and won 25 trophies. Six months before his move to Spain, CSKA was in talks with Fluminense to sign Marcelo. Giner admitted at that moment that she did not “finish” this deal, which she later regretted repeatedly.

Marcelo could make his second appearance in CSKA in 2007. The defender then only mastered “Truth” and did not have a constant practice of playing. The Creamy wanted to hire him to one of the European clubs so he could practice the match. Muscovites were only the main option. However, Marcelo has said that he plans to stay in Spain and fight for a place in the starting squad of Real Madrid, which he eventually managed to pass.

Leonardo Bonucci at Zenit

For decades, Italian defenders have been seen as a sign of quality in football. Presumably, Zenit was guided in this regard when negotiating with Juventus on the transfer of Bonucci in 2011. st. The club from St. Petersburg later Luciano SpalettiHe needed to convince his fellow countryman to move to the Russian championship.

After many years, Bonucci said that Zenit and Juventus were able to agree on all the details of the transfer. The problem was with the defender himself, who flatly refused to go to the RPL, remaining in the stronger Italian championship.

Franck Ribery at Lokomotiv

The multiple German champion left Bayern in 2019 after 12 years at the Munich club. Of course, Ribery was already 36 years old, but still kept fit. Therefore, he wanted to strengthen the composition of the “Locomotive” and the elite French. “Railroad” offered Frank a two-year contract with a salary of four million euros a year. But the French replied in the negative.

Ribery’s manager revealed that Frank turned him down from Lokomotiv because of his family. The game itself in Russia did not bother the midfielder at all, but the football player’s wife refused to move to Moscow, after many years spent in Europe. The actor had no choice but to obey his wife and accept Fiorentina’s offer.

Robert Lewandowski in “Siberia”

The most surprising thing was that in 2007, one of the best strikers in the world in recent years did not attract the attention of any RPL team. Lewandowski then played for the humble Znich team from the second Polish division. However, it should be noted that the striker showed his abilities at the highest level, scoring 21 goals in 32 matches.

This performance attracted the attention of “Siberia”, acting on the analogue of the current FNL. Moreover, the Siberians were not going to go strong for the RPL at that time, as they only landed in the top league three years later. The club wanted to strengthen the squad with a high-profile striker and the choice fell on Lewandowski. But Znich asked the Russians for 500 thousand euros for Robert, which turned out to be an unbearable amount for a team in the Russian second division.

Source: Ria

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