SportsDemocracy or disrespect? Why did the Russian biathlon...

Democracy or disrespect? Why did the Russian biathlon not elect a president?


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The RRF could not elect Maygurov or Nuzhdov as the head of the organization, there will be a second round

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On June 23, the Russian biathlon was supposed to find the name of the new head of the organization. The fight was expected to be as contentious as possible. Yes, and it was interesting to follow him, because in Russian sports there are not so many federations where there is a real battle for the head of the organization. Elections are often uncontested. Everything is different in biathlon, but we never learned the name of the new head of the RRF.

Voting has caused problems

For the right to become president of the Biathlon Union Russia fought with the incumbent Victor Maygurov and vice president Alexey Nuzhdov. Two weeks before the elections, a complaint was filed with the Prosecutor General’s Office about Maigurov on behalf of the members of the assembly. SBR. Theoretically, this could drastically shift the balance of power, but the story didn’t get any serious continuation. At least for now.

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After Maigurov’s opening speech and the Russian anthem, the press was asked to leave the conference room. However, the information still reached journalists. It all started when the delegates made a choice in favor of open voting. And this has become an obstacle for candidates. Nuzhdov admitted that he really wanted everything to be done in a closed form. According to him, it would be more honest. Maygurov, on the contrary, was in every possible way for an open vote.

“It’s great that there is an open vote, we must clearly look each other in the eyes. We focus on the overall development of biathlon, not on personal ambitions. We did not want to go to the second and third rounds. Agreements with Nuzhdov,” he said. Maygurov to reporters.

In the open ballot, Nuzhdov implied that some delegates who were initially in favor later voted against. Then they wrote messages to Alexei Viktorovich apologizing for not being able to cast their vote openly. It was warming up.

Maygurov was missing one vote

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Maygurov won the first round by 35 votes to Nuzhdov’s 18. Ok? In any case. The current head of the RRF was only one vote short of winning the two-thirds needed to win the election, according to the organization’s charter. Theoretically, the second round could have been done right away, but Maigurov and Nuzhdov left the conference room and talked for a while about something private.

Candidates did not disclose the details of the meeting by avoiding general statements. It was not worth thinking that Nuzhdov would give up any further struggle, he was not that kind of person. Maigurov was aware of this, so it was decided to postpone the elections for two months. It is expected to be done by the end of August. Moscow. By the way, the stage of the Commonwealth Cup in the summer biathlon sochi.

A new statute of the RBU was also adopted at the reporting and election conference. According to him, two-thirds of the votes are no longer required to win the elections, a 50 percent absolute majority plus two votes is sufficient. Logically, this should simplify the task for Maigurov, because in the first round he won with a solid advantage. In theory, delegates are unlikely to change their minds within two months.

What will change in two months?

But that’s only in theory. In fact, there are a number of factors that can change the balance of power. First, the new RRF statute must be reviewed by the Ministry of Justice before it is finally approved. Secondly, in our biathlon there is always a risk that something extraordinary will happen and everything will turn upside down. Third, it is not very clear whether the new voting will be open or closed. After all, if you believe the words of Nuzhdov, many more people will come out for him in a closed vote.

What was it – democratic elections or disrespect? The two candidates cannot agree on this issue. But now biathlon fans will have something to discuss over the next two months. Maygurov and Nuzhdov have declared a “regime of silence” for this period and will not give interviews, but do you believe that everything will be calm in the summer?

Source: Ria

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