Post: Is Maygurov founded? How hidden voices can change our biathlon

The event, which the Russian biathlon had been eagerly awaiting in the past months, ended in favor. The election of the President of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) did not determine the new head of the organization and postponed the fateful event to August.

Although almost nothing has changed in the life of the organization and our biathlon, the next two months will certainly be hot, as both candidates will continue to prepare for the elections. True, fans of winter sports are unlikely to learn anything about it.

to the attendant SBR Victor Maygurov Exactly one vote in the election was not enough to ensure that his powers were extended for a new term. 35 people spoke for him. Alexey Nuzhdov – 18. According to the rules, to win you must get 2/3 of the votes to officially guarantee victory. Candidates will now have approximately two months to channel public opinion in their favour.

need a secret ballot

The paradox is that next time the winner will only need 50% and two votes to beat their opponent. The new voting format still needs to be approved by the Ministry, but this procedure seems like just a formality. Given the number of votes available, it seems clear that Maygurov will win the August elections by a margin. But in reality, everything is not so simple.

Before Thursday’s elections, Nuzhdov requested a secret ballot, while Maigurov insisted on an open ballot. The RRF vice-president did not find enough support to implement his decision and was forced to accept his opponent’s option. But it is not certain that the next time the procedure will be similar.

After the election, Nuzhdov told reporters that he expects to receive more votes.

“People have revealed their position to me in secret. Where it says ‘Viktorych, sorry’ I’ve already gotten enough messages – that refers to the way of voting,” Explained Alexei Viktorovich.

Nuzhdov openly implies that not all the people who supported him ultimately voted for him in an open ballot. It is clear that in August the RRF vice-president will insist on a closed option. With this logic, if all votes are made anonymous, no one will be subject to criticism for their choice. Since no one will say anything bad to you for choosing Nuzhdov, you can choose him too – this will probably guide some people from the RRF in the upcoming event.

Key sounds of Maigurov

But such a way of voting and the struggle to win people over will definitely take place behind closed doors. After the results were announced on Thursday, Maigurov and Nuzhdov had a long talk together. They later admitted to reporters that they had decided to cease their activities in the press until the next election and did not make any comments until the August elections.

It’s incredibly humiliating to go to another election because there isn’t a single vote. Interestingly, Maigurov said that he expected a completely different decision from the two/three who finally decided on Nuzhdov’s candidacy. Most likely, they told Viktor Viktorovich that they would support him, but changed their choice on the day of the vote. Exactly these votes turned out to be not enough for the incumbent head of the RRF. Or rather, just one of them.

If Maygurov is re-elected, it is unlikely that he will continue his old relationship with the characters who “set” him in this way. If they openly supported Nuzhdov, then there would be absolutely no point in changing their minds by secret ballot.

The real intrigue of the August elections will be the existence of secret ballot. If Nuzhdov fails to implement this idea, then in a clear format Maigurov should calmly collect his “50% + 2%” and remain at the head of the RRF for a new term. If the vice president’s initiative finds an answer and comes true, anything can happen in the vote. We don’t know how many people sent a message saying “Viktorich, sorry” on Thursday. If there are many such people, we can expect a change of power in the Russian biathlon.

Source: Ria

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