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Post: “Clown on Ice!” Ovechkin scolds himself for a mistake in the match “Dynamo” – “Amkal”


Ovechkin called himself an ice clown for a mistake he made in the friendly match for Dynamo

MOSCOW, June 25 – RIA Novosti. Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, during the broadcast of the friendly match between the Dynamo and Amkal football teams on the social network VKontakte, jokingly called himself a clown on the ice, talking about his own mistake on the field.

The Stanley Cup winner made his professional football debut on Saturday. Ovechkin played for Dynamo for 11 minutes with the captain’s armband and scored a goal, but the opponent could not reach the ball in one of the sections in the penalty area and missed the opportunity to score.

“A clown on the ice! But I like it. Kaif! I’m happy with the game. There was also a power-up – a hockey situation. (Dynamo head coach Slavisha) Jokanovic said before the game to have fun, to play the body several times,” Ovechkin said during the breakout match .

The friendly match for Jokanovic was his first match as head coach of Dynamo Moscow.

Source: Ria

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