Post: Blatter: Infantino wants to destroy me and everything I’ve done

Former FIFA chief Blatter: Infantino wants to destroy me and everything I’ve done

MOSCOW, June 27 – RIA Novosti. Joseph Blatter, former president of the International Football Federation (FIFA), accused of fraud, said the organization’s current president, Gianni Infantino, “artifactically filed a lawsuit against him” and “trying to destroy everything he has built”. “

In June, a court in Switzerland began examining the case of Blatter and the former presiding judge. Association of European Football Associations (UEFA) Michel PlatinumHe was charged with fraud for 2 million Swiss Francs (approximately 2 million Euros). The trial ended on 22 June. The decision of the two players will be announced on 8 July. The prosecutor’s office asked for a suspended sentence of 1 year and 8 months for the defendants.

“I’ve been accused of committing a crime, of being a thief. That’s ridiculous. I don’t know why I’m in court and I’m sure thousands, if not millions, of players don’t understand that. It’s about the dignity and honor of the football I’ve created,” Blatter said. I didn’t do it alone, with hundreds of coaches working to make football what it is today,” he said, quoted by RTS.

“Infantino is trying to artificially sue me. He wants to destroy not just me but everything I do because he thinks he has made everything better. When I arrived we (Fifa) there was no one, and when I left we were an international organization that was solid economically, socially, culturally and even politically,” added the former FIFA President.

Platini, referring to the informal conversations between former Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber and Infantino, expressed the view that there was a collusion between the Swiss prosecutor’s office and FIFA. “These are two very powerful organizations. I fight because I know there is collusion between them. I fight and I always like it. I won’t give up and I will go until the end. It’s been seven years. It’s been years since FIFA took away any ambition I might have in world football. Former FIFA public relations expert, He said that this story would kill me professionally, even if the case was empty. He was right. I lost and FIFA won “, – said the ex-president of UEFA.

Prosecutors allege that in early 2011, FIFA paid Platini 2 million Swiss Francs illegally, and the evidence gathered confirms that the payment was made without legal basis, while also damaging FIFA assets and illegally enriching Platini.

Source: Ria

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