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Post: Cattani will continue to advise Spartak


Spartak CEO Melezhikov said Cattani will continue to advise the club.

MOSCOW, July 14 – RIA Novosti, Alexander Sergeev. The general manager of the football club, Evgeny Melezhikov, said that Luca Cattani, who left the post of sports director of Moscow “Spartak”, will continue to provide consultancy services to the “red-whites”.

On Wednesday, Cattani decided to step down from her post as Spartak sports director.

“We had a long talk with Kattani yesterday, she will be in Moscow for about 30 more days. We will have a meeting next week. Our relations have always been good, constructive. There were disagreements, but we always found solutions, and this led to a definite result in the Russian Cup. There is a team, there is a coach, the goals are clear and everyone supports them.As for the consultations, nothing bothers us, and Luka and I talked about it – we remain in constant contact,” Melezhikov told reporters.

“We are working on certain risky positions, we continue to follow the players that Luke suggested. We will always be in dialogue,” said Spartak CEO.

Source: Ria

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