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Post: “Cowardice and weakness”: Laishev – about the cancellation of Trusova’s master class in Sweden


Laishev on the cancellation of Trusova’s master classes in Sweden: it speaks of cowardice and weakness

MOSCOW, July 22 – RIA Novosti, Alexander Sergeev. Renat Laishev, head of the Sambo-70 training center, told RIA Novosti that the Swedish Figure Skating Federation was cowardly by canceling the masterclasses of Russian skater Alexandra Trusova in Stockholm.

Earlier on Friday, it was learned that the athlete’s master class in Sweden was cancelled. From the statement of the local figure skating federation, it follows that joint activities with athletes from Russia and Belarus can damage the reputation of Swedish figure skating.

“Discrimination against all Russians continues. This speaks of their cowardice and weakness. We will get better at various activities and sports. It has been proven by us for centuries that we are the best at figure skating. They just rob themselves , and like in all other aspects. They just lose from that. It’s a fact as old as the world. We’re going to win anyway. And our girls are wonderful and beautiful. They don’t lose their courage, everything will be alright,” Laishev said.

Source: Ria

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