Post: Kurashi: Ancient Folk Wrestling as a Modern Sport

Kurashi is one of the oldest popular fighting styles known to mankind. Research shows that the game originated on the territory of present-day Uzbekistan at least 3,500 years ago.

The word “kurash” in Uzbek means “honest achievement of the objective” and was thus a combat technique to protect the population during wars. Men also showed their skill at weddings, festivals, local and national celebrations, and many ancient literary and historical sources contain references to this.

The people of Central Asia passed down the techniques, traditions, rules and philosophy of Kurash fighting orally from generation to generation, and the first attempt to synthesize and summarize this knowledge was made in 1990.

Before, Kurashi was not considered an independent sport with rules and requirements, however, many local athletes who trained Kurashi style as children fell in love with the sport and started different sports and became world champions.

Kumil Yusupov, the founder of the modern Kurashi game, followed this path. The Uzbek athlete was an international sambo and judo master and a member of the former Soviet Union’s Olympic judo team. In 1980, after his mother died and he suffered from poor health, Komel was forced to withdraw from the Moscow Olympics despite being a lucky candidate.

The inability of professional sport led him to focus on turning Kurash’s national wrestling into an international sporting discipline, with the ambition to be part of the Olympic Games.

He began working on a set of Kurash fighting rules, while analyzing the rules of the various sporting disciplines that were part of the Olympics to combine the rules of the millennia-old Kurash tradition with the sporting requirements of today.

He introduced the concept of weight class, kurashi moves and suggested terms based on 14 Uzbek words and the duration of the fight. Design shapes for athletes, referees and other attributes of modern sport.

In 1992, with the personal support of the President of Uzbekistan, the first international kurashi competition for the President of Uzbekistan Award was held in honor of the great medieval leader “Emir Timur”, and since then more than 300 international competitions have been held. from kurashi. . Held all over the world, in addition to continental tournaments in Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Pan America.

On the initiative of Kumil Yusupov, on September 6, 1998, an international conference was held in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, with the participation of teams from 28 countries. The conference unanimously decided to support his initiative to create a new international organization called Qurash International. It also agreed with Korash’s international rules. As a result, all Kurashi fans celebrate this day as the day the popular game became an international sport.

Since 1998, Kurashi Federations have been officially opened on all 5 continents (Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Oceania) as well as 136 national federations.

In 2003, kura was recognized as an Asian sport and was officially included in all continental games held on the Asian continent: Asian Summer Games, Asian Indoor Games, Asian Beach Games and Asian Martial Arts Games.

Work is underway today to include Kurac in the European Games and the Islamic Solidarity Games, so that it can be included in the Summer Olympics.

Source: EuroNews

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