Karpin’s headache: who does the Russian team need after a crazy start in the RPL?

Are you sick of daydreaming? Let’s imagine, then, that behind its success in the play-offs against Poles and Swedes, the Russian national football team, like all our sports, was not subject to sanctions, but a tough preparation for the December World Cup in Qatar. The September meeting of the national team will be an extremely interesting and high-profile media event. But unfortunately, the training planned for the beginning of autumn turns into a kind of disrespect and the main issue is to keep the national teams institution alive. If so, head coach Valery Karpin will definitely focus on players who have loudly declared themselves in the starting rounds of the Russian Premier League. Below is our list of 11 obvious and not-so-obvious candidates who have made themselves clear at the start of the new season and may be of interest to the national team’s coaching staff.

Daniil Khudyakov, goalkeeper, 18, Lokomotiv (Moscow)

It may seem absurd that the goalkeeper, along with Ural, Torpedo and Orenburg, was called to the national team with the most goals conceded at the beginning of the championship (eight goals). But the fact is that Khudyakov, still very young, put the captain of the railway workers Marinato Guilherme on the bench, and Loko’s head coach continues to rely on him even after a scoring error in the match against Rostov. Yes, Daniil has mistakes and technical flaws, but we are talking about an unconditionally talented goalkeeper who is at the initial stage of his formation. It is not in vain that the nickname “new Neuer” stuck to Khudyakov, at the suggestion of the former coach of the team, Markus Gisdol. Now the national team has the first number – Matvey Safonov, but Khudyakov seems like an excellent candidate in the long run.

Daniil Khlusevich, defender, 21 years old and Nikita Chernov, defender, 26 years old, both – Spartak (Moscow)

Guillermo Abascal, who has only settled in the RPL, can already be applauded for his bravery. At a time when the defense of the “red-whites” is in the next rebuild, the Spaniard sends the most experienced Victor Moses to devise his own attacks and destroy the others. A defense of not the loudest names is inflated from behind, while the Nigerian works in front with their hands tied. But the truth is that Spartak had seven points in three starting rounds, two wins 4-1 and conceded three goals.

In this case, it is worth praising the defense of the Muscovites, in which two figures stand out – Khlusevich and Chernov. Daniil covered the right flank of the defense well and achieved his goal with a great deal of work and reasonable hardness. Not without positional problems, of course, but the dispatcher’s skills in the junior lateral have not gone anywhere – he already has two assists at the beginning of the season. As for Chernov, it’s time to forget about his most successful and obvious debut for the national team, which fell into the era of Fabio Capello in 2015. Now Nikita continues to adapt to the Abascal system, but his performance in the first rounds of the championship leaves quite a pleasant impression.

Saba Sazonov, defender, 20 years old, Dynamo (Moscow)

Dynamo’s new head coach, Slavisa Jokanovic, faced major problems on the defensive line at the start of the Russia phase of her career. After Guillermo Varela, Ivan Ordets and Roman Evgeniev left the club for various reasons and in various ways, the Serbian can only rely on young people. In fact, the “white-blue” will collect the defensive center during the championship, but the young Sazonov is doing his job pretty well so far. The oversized defender is of course too raw to give a high performance, but it is worth remembering that he plays in an extremely scarce position for Russian football. Therefore, you definitely need to take a closer look at the guy.

Maksim Nenakhov, defender, 23, Lokomotiv (Moscow)

Let’s make a quick reservation that Nenakhov’s next call to training camp is impossible: the defender was injured in the match with Zenit and was off the field for 8 to 10 weeks. But still, Maxim’s play is noteworthy, because St. It received rave reviews from the public even after 0:5 in St. Petersburg. According to statistics, Loko’s extreme defender is the best in the RPL in terms of interceptions and his movement helped the team quickly move from defense to attack. In addition, Nenakhov is accurate in his selection and almost never fouls. I want the injury not to disturb the player and not hinder their progress. Hello Maxim!

Daniil Utkin, midfielder, 22, Rostov (Rostov-on-Don)

The midfielder is only 22 years old but looks like he’s seen it all in the RPL. Sergei Galitsky, who is on the list of the most talented players born in 1999 according to The Guardian, was not useful for Krasnodar and went to Akhmat, where he turned his opponents into a nightmare with his free kicks. Next – the transition to “Rostov” under the tutelage of Karpin, now Utkin finds the head of Nikolai Komlichenko with the most right canopies on the far left. This group has already brought the Rostovits three goals from the standards. It seems it’s time for Utkin to make his debut in the adult team.

Konstantin Kuchaev, midfielder, 24, CSKA (Moscow)

Kuchaev was once listed as one of the most talented midfielders of his generation and would eventually replace Alan Dzagoev. But, unfortunately, after Konstantin began to bother the young actor, he began to be compared more and more with Dzagoev. No kidding – due to various injuries, Kuchaev lost more than a year in total throughout his career! But the start of the season is optimistic: CSKA’s midfield wouldn’t be complete without Kuchaev and he plays well and even scores points. Is there no reason to return to the national team after a two-year hiatus?

Roman Akbashev, midfielder, 30 years old, Fakel (Voronezh)

This kind of “wish list” wouldn’t do without the “Torch” players who endeared him to an unbiased fan with selfless and brave play. We will choose Akbashev from the entire Voronezh team: this agile midfielder is one of the brain centers of the team, and his two goals earned the league’s top star two points. As for age, in current realities, it is unlikely to become some kind of obstacle. On the contrary, for experienced players, a call to the national team can be a kind of growth factor – there are many examples of players who are putting themselves out for national teams at the age of about 30. Who knows what else Roman might do?

Maxim Glushenkov, midfielder, 23, Krylya Sovetov (Samara)

Glushenkov finally left Spartak, where they did not seriously trust him. The midfielder has found his team, showing a stable and most importantly productive game (two goals plus an assist) in Samara at the start of the new season. Maxim took the burden of leadership in the offensive after the departure of Vladislav Sarveli and the illness of Sergei Pinyaev, and his goal against Orenburg in the first round will take part in various hit parades for a long time.

Vladimir Sychevoi, striker, 26 years old, “Orenburg”

The surname of this striker became familiar to most of the fan base after the match of the second round of the RPL, where Vladimir “loaded the Urals” in less than a while. Of course, such a performance could not go unnoticed and should be encouraged for this. The only catch is that Sychevoi has not yet become the main forward of his team and is happy with the changes. For this reason, it is necessary to follow the player from a distance. But why not invite the future to the introductory meeting in Novogorsk?

Timur Suleimanov, striker, 22, Nizhny Novgorod

The stubborn, stocky striker, similar to Khabib Nurmagomedov, caught attention while in the Lokomotiv system. Almost immediately – and there was a feeling that Timur would go to a qualitatively new level, but this never happened. And to tell the truth, he didn’t have much luck in Moscow. Now Suleimanov settled in Nizhny Novgorod, where he would work under the leadership of Mikhail Galaktionov, who knew him well from the youth team. A double in the third round match against CSKA is the brightest episode ever in an adult career for a player. Someone will say that for a striker, stability is the main thing, but what cannot be taken from Timur is assertiveness, arrogance, focus on the goal. Trust him, maybe you’ll get another Hamid Agalarov.

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