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Post: Schumacher was kicked out of Formula 1. What’s wrong with the son of the legendary pilot?


Mick Schumacher risks being out of place in the world’s most prestigious racing series. The former partner of Russian racer Nikita Mazepin never proved to be the future world champion.

Auto racing needs Schumacher

As soon as the son of legendary driver Michael Schumacher started to show good results in the junior series, fans dreamed of seeing him in Formula 1. It should have been a good story, especially considering a tragedy that happened to Michael about 10 years ago. Auto racing needed a new Schumacher and they got it in Mick.

The first really serious test for the racer was his debut in Formula 2, where he got into the top Prema Racing team. However, the first season was unsuccessful and only took 12th place in the overall standings. The following year, Mick had a long battle with Russian Robert Shvartsman for the championship title, and somewhere near that fight was our fellow pilot, Nikita Mazepin.

It should be noted here that if Mazepin and Schumacher spent their second seasons in F-2, Schwartzman was a socialite. Mick eventually won the season hard and got a spot on the Haas team with Mazepin as a partner. But Schwartzman has not yet reached the pinnacle of motorsport.

Failed debut in Formula 1

Young Schumacher quickly discovered a problem. He had a bad first season on a new series and knew how to add in his second year. So in “Formula 1” he failed to show anything in his first season. The nasty machine Haas built didn’t help either. Mick and Nikita just suffered and fought among themselves.

In 2022, Haas finally built a quality car. Mazepin was expelled from the team for political reasons and was replaced by veteran Kevin Magnussen. And then everyone saw the true level of Mick Schumacher. Despite being his second season in Formula 1, he had no chance to resist Magnussen. But you can’t say Kevin is the best driver, he’s just a good racer with an above average level. But again, nothing special.

But despite his background, Mick looked weak in the first half of this season. Yes, there were isolated glimpses of the German driver getting his first career points in F1, but then everything turned bleak and into endless mistakes on the track. At the end of July, an insider, Sergio Rodriguez, reported that Schumacher had refused to renew his contract with Ferrari Academy, of which he was a long-time part and which enabled him to find a place on the Haas team.

Doesn’t Ferrari and F-1 need Schumacher anymore?

Rumors circulated that this was perhaps done to take Sebastian Vettel’s seat at Aston Martin, but Fernando Alonso was taken there. There were suspicions that it was probably not Mick who had left Ferrari, but the Ferrari from Mick. The information was confirmed by German publication Bild, which reported that Schumacher was at risk of being out of place in Formula 1. The Germans hinted at a conflict between the driver and leader Günter Steiner, who was dissatisfied with Mick’s results.

Bild said Ferrari president Mattia Binotto also doubted his seven-time world champion son’s ability, so he did not consider helping him extend his contract with Haas. Perhaps the most reliable information comes from journalist Joe Seywood, who has been to all Formula 1 races for decades and knows almost everyone there. On social networks, Joe admitted that Mick has serious problems in continuing his career.

Places in the “F-1” still remain, but it’s not clear they’re expecting a younger Schumacher. A beautiful Hollywood story has not yet been achieved and is unlikely to succeed. It’s clear that Mick doesn’t even come close to his legendary father in terms of talent. And with 12th place, it’s hard to find sponsors even if your last name is Schumacher.

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