Post: Director General of “Rubin” answered the question about the negotiations with Dziuba

Rubin’s general manager said that Dzyuba wants to move to a foreign club.

MOSCOW, August 10 – RIA Novosti, Vasily Bogdanov. Rustem Saimanov, the general manager of Kazan, told RIA Novosti that the forward of the Russian national team, Artem Dziuba, said that he did not negotiate a contract with the Rubin football club and has already left the team.

Currently a free agent, Dziuba has been training with Division One team Rubin since 12 July to stay in shape. On August 1, one of the Telegram channels announced that the 33-year-old striker Rubin will apply for the third round match of the First Division against Ufa. The Kazan club later told RIA Novosti that the information was not correct.

“Dziuba left Rubin’s place even before the match with Ufa. We did not negotiate a contract with him. Artem came to stay in shape, we gave him such an opportunity. As for where to continue his career, I only know what. He wanted to try it outside.”

After the end of the Russian championship of the 2021/22 season, Dzyuba returned to St. Petersburg announced that he was leaving Zenit.

Earlier in July, a source told RIA Novosti that the striker did not consider an offer from one of the Chinese clubs, which is ready to pay the player $ 2 million a year. Also, according to an RIA Novosti source, the striker was unable to sign with Turkish clubs due to the financial component.

Source: Ria

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