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Post: Video: Amsterdam Airport will pay compensation to passengers affected by queues and chaos


Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, one of the busiest in Europe, announced in a statement that it will compensate passengers who missed flights due to long lines during a turbulent summer.

Like many other airports in Europe, Schiphol Airport has experienced significant delays in recent months due to staff shortages as the aviation industry recovers from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A large number of people were looking forward to their holiday abroad, especially after two years of Covid-19,” Schiphol Airport General Manager Dick Pinchob said in a statement late on Thursday.

A Dutch airport has confirmed that, after consultation with a Dutch consumer group, a compensation system will reimburse passengers who missed flights between 23 April and 11 August.

The costs include booking a new flight, finding another flight or other means of transport, as well as accommodation costs near Schiphol.

Passengers had until September 30 to file a claim.

A few days ago, the “Here is Holland” page posted a tweet on Twitter that attached an image of hundreds of bags piled up and wrote: “Hundreds of complaints and claims about lost luggage at Amsterdam Schiphol airport…”.

On Monday, July 4th, another user posted a scene of a queue at Schiphol airport, saying, “Don’t dream about Baira in Morocco, forget it.”

For his part, Hamad posted a tweet a few days ago saying: “Whoever has a flight from Amsterdam airport, please arrive at least 4 hours before the flight… The airport is overcrowded in Sarawat (queue) to go to the airport. .”

Schiphol Airport has set a maximum number of passengers starting in July and confirmed that the measure will last until at least October to reduce queues, as “almost all operational departments at the airport are understaffed”.

Source: EuroNews

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