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Post: Fireworks in a glass. All about the new season in Russian figure skating


RIA Novosti Sport is revealing where Russian figure skaters will compete next season under international ban conditions.

The season unofficially begins with junior test skates: they will be held from August 15 to 30. For two weeks in a row, Russia’s best young figure skaters will hold a mini-meeting at the base in Novogorsk, as well as conduct a review of strengths in front of federation officials and experts. The event is closed to viewers and journalists, except for Channel One, the main sponsor and partner that organizes the broadcast.

It’s hard to believe, but small rentals were once allowed to all journalists, not just copyright holders. It was August 2019 – exactly in the season when Kamila Valieva made her international debut. The innovation did not take root: apparently, having missed half of the buns with jam at the Novogorsk buffet and fearing the influence of journalists on the fragile psyche of young people, the federation decided never to repeat such experiments with freedom and publicity. Covid conveniently came to the rescue – for the third year, junior hires were “closed” from print media under the pretext of a pandemic. And even negative tests and vaccination certificates can not pay off. In general, neither the Novogorsk buffet, nor the spirit of young people, and again this year nothing threatens.

The desire of the federation and coaches in general to isolate the youngest members and candidates of the national team from the attention of journalists is understandable. At the same time, the main thing is to be honest with ourselves – they still understand and accept that the coronavirus is just a screen, but are ready to confirm only informally in personal conversations.

For an unusually long time this year will have to wait for the premiere of the programs of the main Russian team. From the beginning of autumn, traditional for premieres, test skates for adults moved to September 24-25. Things to do at Megasport, returning to figure skating after a one-year hockey break. It will be possible to buy tickets for this action to see the best at once. Well, at least those who came to rent – now a significant part of the team is busy with ice shows rather than preparing for the season.

While everyone else travels countries and continents by participating in the regular Grand Prix series, our skaters will have the opportunity to tour three federal districts at once – the imported Grand Prix series will be held in five cities of Russia from October to November . There are six stages and five cities, because two stages were given to Moscow. Interestingly, St. Not a single stage went to St. Petersburg – either they were not given or they did not want. In the main roles, in addition to Moscow, Sochi and Perm. Samara and Kazan also took the stage.

Two tournaments were given the romantic names Volga Pirouette and Moscow Stars. Sochi customarily attracts with the sign “Velvet Season”, Kazan is both simple and allegorical – “Idel”, which means “Volga” in Tatar. But Perm is tough and promises a lot: the tournament, in which there is not much creativity, is called “For the Governor’s awards.”

In general, there is no longer air conditioning in the Grand Prix – Moscow and St. The biggest time difference for skaters from St. Petersburg will be just two hours. No more hostile refereeing to the guest – from now on he will have to look for all the problems only in himself. So far, the potential of the Russian Grand Prix series looks strong, but only if all the strong truly reach it. The probability of this scenario is difficult to predict, because only the skaters themselves know the true level of motivation to engage in import substitution. Many have an assumption of the future: very famous and promoted guys, hungry for performance and attention, and stars – useful for advertisers to protect the reputation of active athletes.

It is noteworthy that the final of the Russian Grand Prix took place not in the beginning of December, as usual on the ISU calendar, but in early March. The final will be held in Sochi and will bring together the best of those who have performed in the previous six stages.

On 20-25 December, the best ones will meet in Krasnoyarsk as part of the Russian Championship. In general, this is a tournament that does not require additional advertising, but in the new realities it still does not look so spectacular. Much of the intrigue is lost, because even the crushing victory at the Russian Championship this season is like fireworks in a glass. Nice, but totally pointless. 2023 European Championship and 2023 World Championship will not count our champions and of course they will lose a lot from this. However, this isolation will not benefit our champions either.

But the residents of Krasnoyarsk will get a beautiful live show, and the figure skaters will receive full Yenisei love and support. Given how Krasnoyarsk was able to hold the championships of Russia, there should be no dissatisfaction.

The Russian Youth Championship, also called the “Championship”, will be held in Perm from February 14 to 18. Here the situation is the same as for adults – often the Championship precedes only the main international competition. But since our young people will not be able to go to the world championships, we will have to look for the meaning of what is going on in something else: The words “doing our job”, “being the best version of ourselves” have never been more common. real-like.

During the regular Grand Prix Final (3-4 December) and the European Championship (21-22 January) two events will be held with the support of Channel One – a jumping tournament and the Channel One Cup. The format tried to replace the canceled European Championship during the pandemic could potentially be the most exciting event of the season. Intrigue has only one added value – division into teams fighting among themselves. But now you won’t believe that the options between the “Russian team” and the “European team” were once seriously discussed, or that Nathan Chen was invited to the First Channel Cup.

However, if we wanted to, we would still not be left without invited stars – North Korea, for example, has a good pair skating school. Well, teams can be headed, for example, by Evgeni Plushenko and Eteri Tutberidze, or by Alexandra Trusova and Anna Shcherbakova. Let’s make some noise!

Overall, it’s about the season for our skaters. There will be several more All-Russian tournaments in Saransk, Tolyatti, Belgorod, Perm, Sochi and Moscow – usually strong athletes with rare exceptions bypass them with their caution. This time everything may be different, because we have to trust only ourselves.

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