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Post: Kaminsky named the best shooter of the world biathlon


Kaminsky: Babikov, the number one shooter in the biathlon world

SOCI, August 28 – DEA Novosti, Alexander Govorov. Yuri Kaminsky, head coach of the Russian biathlon team, said in an interview with RIA Novosti that he considers Anton Babikov the best shooter in world biathlon.

Babikov is a world champion and a four-time European champion. At the Commonwealth Cup, which started in Sochi, the athlete won the sprint.

“Anton definitely underestimates the talent he has. Another thing is how he’s going to develop it. The concept of talent in general is multifaceted. Everyone in the top 6 here is 100 percent talented. It all depends on how they spot it. Eduard Latypov is more talented than Anton in some ways. On the other hand, Babikov is the world number one in shooting in my opinion. Of course he can’t take care of himself. We’ve seen more of that than that. Once, especially in relay races. He shoots faster than anyone else and with more precision than anyone else,” Kaminsky said.

The coach of the Russian national team also commented on the departure of Babikov, Daniil Serokhvostov and Karim Khalili from his group.

“Anton decided to move to another group. This is his choice. I’m neutral on this. As for Serokhvostov and Khalili, it’s a little different here. I have repeatedly said that I want to see a strategy for the development of the Russian national team, this is what some athletes have, both plus and minus. In general, I would like to see at least a harmonious system for the Olympic cycle. In general, we need to understand what we want to achieve from the athletes. The position of the head coach is now more nominal. It seems that they left me because of seniority (smiles). Two questions – what to do and who will be responsible for all this, “said Kaminsky.

Source: Ria

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