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Post: “He will always be on the side of Spartak”: Litvinov with the support of Fedun


Spartak midfielder Litvinov: We feel Fedun’s support, he will always be with the club

MOSCOW, August 30 – RIA Novosti, Pavel Levkovich. Spartak Moscow football player Ruslan Litvinov told reporters that despite his resignation as head of the team, he felt the support of Leonid Fedun.

Russian Football Cup
30 August 2022 • Starts at 19:00
Spartak MoscowRussia

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Wings of the SovietsRussia

On Tuesday, “Spartak” in Moscow defeated “Wings of the Soviets” (1:0) in the first round of the group stage of the Russian Cup. On August 22, it was announced that Lukoil had purchased 100% of Spartak’s shares, and Fedun resigned as club president, member and chairman of the board. The officer talked to the team after the match.

“He usually speaks at such moments. I will not explain, I will just say that he congratulated on the victory and said parting words. We feel that he is still in the team. His name is already written in the history of the club. As for the informal meeting with Leonid Arnoldovich, “then it will probably happen. “I would really like it, considering how much he’s done for Spartak.”

In the match he played with the Samara team, striker Alexander Sobolev did not take a penalty. “At first it was tough against Krylia, especially when they didn’t take the penalty in the first half. They were expecting a quick goal. It’s okay if Sobolev doesn’t score, football. , now we will support him with the guys. Finally we won, everything is fine,” said Litvinov.

Pavel Meleshin, 18, who played for Spartak, scored the only goal in the match.

“Should Meleshin be dropped? We joked after the match, let’s see what he will offer us. I’ve known him for a long time, we used to go to matches at his age in the academy. He still stands. He is the best scorer in the youth league,” he said. “He played well. Now there is no Spartak-2 where the youth live, so he immediately entered the main team from the youth team. Let’s not look at his future for now. Zenit match? It’s a principled opponent, we haven’t beaten them for a long time. If we talk about the meeting of the legends of the clubs, we will cheer online,” he said.

Source: Ria

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